The Most Important Signs in Your Astrological Chart

Listed below are what I consider the most important signs and/or  mathematical points in reading an astrology chart.


You know that line “What is your Sun Sign?” It’s been around forever and believe it or not, people still use it although not as much as it was used in the 1970’s and 1980’s when you couldn’t escape it. There are 12 Zodiac signs that are associated with a certain month that you were born. So for example March babies are associated with Pisces, August babies are associated with Leo and October babies are associated with Scorpio, etc.  But that aside, your Sun sign is very important because it is your purpose in life. It’s what you came here on earth in the incarnation to do and to express.


Your Moon Sign is the second most important because it is your emotional receptor and is associated with your feelings, instincts and moods. It’s like the secret part of yourself that you don’t share with the entire world, and only a select few in your inner circle really know this aspect of you. It represents that underlying quality about you and the undercurrent of who you are and why you do certain things. Reading your Sun sign and Moon sign together is a great way to really discover how a person really is and these two signs can shed a lot of insight about yourself or another person.


The Ascendant or AS for short, falls in the 1st House and represents the Self. It is also referred to as your Rising Sign. The cusp of the First House is the home of the Ascendant, the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the precise moment of one’s birth. Your ascendant sign is the mask you wear when you first meet someone. It is the impression you give and how you carry yourself – though it might not be who you really are. So to recap, your Sun Sign is your fundamental self and indicates your life path; your Moon is how you express yourself emotionally and your Ascendant represents your outer personality.


The 7th house rules all of your one-on-one relationships. Called the Descendant or DC for short, it’s along an axis with the 1st house (the house of the self) and is the house of others. Marriage, how you feel about commitment, what you expect in a relationship (personal or business), and the kind of partner you’re attracted to for a relationship (personally and in business) fall under the rulership of this house. This house also rules your open enemies (a different kind of relationship most don’t think of).


In your birth chart, the lunar nodes (known as the north node and south node) hold the keys to your destiny and ultimate life lessons. In astrology, your life purpose is encoded in the north node and south node of the moon. The lunar nodes are directly opposite each other in the chart. They aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposite zodiac signs. The north node represents our karmic paths and the lessons we came here to learn, or the language we are learning to speak. The south node reveals the challenges and gifts we bring in from previous lifetimes.


The 10th house rules your career, social status, authority figures, and life path. What kind of career you’d do best in can be found by the sign on the cusp and planets within the house. Along with the 2nd and 6th houses, it’s one of the career houses and shows what professions a person would be best at. Your social status and rank also fall under the 10th house, and how you need to be ranked (it should come as no surprise this house also rules politicians). Authority figures, those above you that you must answer to or look up to, fall here (like bosses). This house is on an axis with the 4th house and is also called the Medium Coeli, MC for short, or more usually the Midheaven. Both houses rule your parents, with one house ruling one parent and the other house ruling the other. Both are also spiritual in nature, and the 10th house holds influence over your life path and future.


Chiron is not a Planet, but rather a comet that wasn’t discovered until 1977. There’s not a lot of information onChiron, but I believe it’s a very important aspect to understand because it  represents where we feel wounded or have an incurable wound that was developed early in life. Both the House and the Sun Sign Chiron is in at the time of your birth are very important and work together synergistically. There is not a lot of information on Chiron, but during my research the two main experts and authors on this subject are Martin Lass and Melanie Reinhart.