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Your Personal Monthly Forecast was my first newsletter since 2009 and is also a favorite of my followers. This forecast is tailored to you personally because it is based on your own personal date of birth. Each month find out what you will personally experience during a 30-day cycle.

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5 thoughts on “FREE Newsletters”

  1. Rosa Matilde said:

    Usually I do not pay attention tu numerology; however, lately I have been curious since 7 out of 10 times I look at a digital clock I found a number which you can read exactly from right to left or from left to right and I do not know what does it mean. Where can I read about this, please?


    • Numerologist & Spiritual Intuitive Kathleen Lamoureux said:

      Hi Rosa,

      Thanks for your interest in numerology. It’s a fascinating science and metaphysical tool. What you are talking about is referred to as triple-digit numbers. Doreen Virtue and Joanne Sacred Scribes has good information on this subject. Good luck.


      • I adore both of those sites!!! I’ve been turning many of my Gnostic Family to them for a long time. We are taught to pay attention to signs, as there are many each day and we just don’t notice or click 2+2 together.


  2. Greeting Kathleen!!! There is amazing sequences when it comes to my birthdate…10-11-1965. Yes lol I do know my day of birth is a core number and master number. But, this part is where it is crazy cool!!! My birth year…1+9=10 (my birth month)…6+5=11 (my birth day)!!! I wish I could afford a neumerology report, but I am disabled from spinal cord surgeries, and live on SSI…I’m poor. I’m just wondering if you could explain any of this too me. If you can’t, I understand……but this has a huge message, and I don’t know what it means. Thank you for your wonderful work. Namaste


  3. Kathleen Lamoureux said:

    Hi Melodie,

    You can get a lot of information by clicking on any topic that would pertain to you in the menu bar of my blog. You are a 6 life path and in 2017 you are in a 4 personal year. This is February 2017, so you are in a 6 personal month. Please sign up for my newsletters and you can get a lot of free information about numerology.


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