Book A Numerology Session

Career Changes. Specific issues of urgency. Money & Business Matters. Name Changes. Relocation & Moving. Relationship Compatibility. Naming Your Book, Business, Screenplay. Telephone & Address Numbers.  Naming Your Children. Marriage & Timing. Family Compatibility. Pet Numerology.

Oprah Winfrey Numerology Chart

I offer in-depth, accurate , practical, psychological, spiritual and intuitive advice on any matter using numerology as a relevant metaphysical tool to help you in any area of your life where you feel stuck and/or need guidance, including timing issues using the numbers in your numerology chart based solely on your birth name and date of birth. Your time of birth, although interesting to look at, is not necessary in numerology.

Primary Essence Natal Session $200/90min

THIS SESSION IS OPTIMAL, TRANSFORMATIONAL AND IDEAL if you want to go deep and uncover the many aspects of your personality that you are either aware or unaware of. Explore, clarify and validate yourself and your life purpose. I am passionate about helping you use numerology as a tool of self discovery to discover:

  • The stages of maturity and development.
  • Your specific Life Path and suitable careers if you need direction here.
  • How you are meant to express your Life’s Purpose through your Destiny.
  • Why your Heart’s Desire is the motivator behind virtually all your choices.
  • Understanding the public you and your attitude about life.
  • Align specifically with your purpose and what you ware meant to do with your life.
  • Discover yourself to uncover your challenges, tendencies and obstacles.
  • Validate what you may already know or want to do in order to move forward.
  • Transform. Change what is not working for what will work.


A Power Issue Session $70/30min – $140/60min

This session is optimal if you are struggling with a specific issue, or a general sense of urgency in a relationship, your career/job, relocation or moving, a business matter and the timing of events. A Power Session is great with the timing for upcoming or future events so that you may prepare for the road ahead over the next 2-3 years. Discovering what lies ahead will help you in moving forward with purpose to support your goals and aspirations. Find out if timing issues re supportive now and/or when they are a challenge. This session can also assist you with situations from the past, which may still be relevant for you and are still lingering, such as grief, death, divorce or any challenging/testing situations.

Relationship & Family Numerology Starting @ $200

  • Love by the numbers comparing a couple $200
  • Family member compatibility. Starting at $200. This is intense work, so I do divide this work into one-hour segments comparing the birth charts of two people at a time.

Numerology and the Cards $70/30min – $140/60min

Kathleen has also developed a unique Numbers Card Reading which she uses to help you gain greater clarity into difficult situations.



  1. Select your desired numerology session.
  2. All I need is your date of birth and the name that appears on your birth certificate.
  3. Once I receive notification of your interest in a reading, I will send you an invoice.
  4. Credit card payments can be made either through your PayPal account or through my  Square Account using either Visa or Master Card.
  5. When payment is received and confirmed, I will contact you directly to schedule your appointment.
  6. Appointments are in person in Berkeley or San Rafael. Otherwise your appointment will be via Skype or phone.




Contact me at: with any questions

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