Address Numerology




It’s important to understand how your home or business address relates to your own personal numbers in your numerology chart and how it affects you and what is currently transpiring for you, or has transpired in the past – positive and negative.

  • I take an assessment of your core numbers from your numerology chart.
  • I also take into consideration your Astrological sign, as well as the planets that are related to your core numbers and align them with your address because each number 1 through 9 has a planet sign and an astrological assigned to it.
  • I include your best Feng Shui compass directions using your Kua Number based on the Chinese solar calendar.

Everything is energy and is reflected back to us about how we experience life, such as feelings of happiness and joy or moments of sadness, anger and fear. Where you live also sends out an energetic message. What do you want to attract?


represents hard workers, determination, concentration, and business.

One Address: The home of independence, ambition, hard work, management, practicality.

Four Address: The home of teachers, learning, teaching. Structure, cleanliness is important.

Eight Address: The home of leadership, power, authority, success, focus on money.


represents the love of people, inspiration and domesticity.

Two Address: The home of love, peace, harmony, mediation, partnerships, spiritual influence.

Three Address: Home of communication, creativity, lots of activity, optimism, gift of vision, love of pleasure.

Six Address: Home of family, children, love of home, nurturing, caretaking, approval.


represents the intellect, deep discussions about politics, spirituality and the meaning of life.

Five Address: Home of travel, fun, drama, change, freedom, progression.

Seven Address: Home of solitude, spiritual seekers, analysis, meditation, research, discovery, detection.

Nine Address: Home of protection, compassion, ideals, helping others, giving back, philanthropic endeavors, forgiveness.



1 is ruled by the Sun – The planet of will, the power urge, individuality. Ruled by the planet Leo.
2 is ruled by the Moon  – The planet of intuition and instinctual behavior. Rules emotions, moods, sensitivity.
3 is ruled by Jupiter – The planet of expansion, wisdom, optimism and the desire to gain through experience, and the urge to improve the state of things.
4 is ruled by Uranus – The planet of extremes and sudden change and the freedom urge. Difficult energy and typically works better with Sun and Neptune energy. Rules science, technology, research, fairness and the legal system.
5 is ruled by Mercury – This planet is all about the mind and communication. Mercury is active in the sign of Gemini, but strengthened in the sign of Virgo. Rules the intellect and travel.
6 is ruled by Venus – Associated with the power of love. Attracts love and money. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. A strong Venus address has a mellowing effect.
7 is ruled by Neptune – The symbol of a higher consciousness, very psychic and seeing beyond other realms. Neptune rules Pisces.
8 is ruled by Saturn – Saturn urges expression of achievement, and represents those who have the necessary determination and discipline to rise to the top in their chosen field.
9 is ruled by Mars – The planet of anger and aggression. It’s energy is yang and very masculine in nature. The planet of desire, energy and action, but does represent struggles within and with others and is either positive or negative depending other numbers in the address.



I do Address Cures to help align the energy of your home address with other vibrations that create a more compatible address that aligns more closely with the numbers in your numerology chart, if you are unable to move and are living at an address that is simply not working for you, or there is constant chaos. I assist you with the implementation of a an address cure in order to maximize the energy and vibration of your home to make it more compatible for you.

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