Book A Numerology-Tarot Session

Blending Numerology with Tarot

For those who want  to incorporate the Tarot and Numerology, I weave the cards in 13173253_10207654750021146_1813441279016321446_owith your birth name and Life Path numbers for a fuller, deeper and richer visual experience. My Numerology-Tarot reading combines the principles of numerology with the major arcana cards of the Tarot and provides a snapshot of what your life looked like at the time of your birth as I line up the Tarot cards that match your 4 core numbers that make up your soul, personality, destiny and life path.

Find out who your cast of characters are

What I do is quite unique and a one-of-a-kind reading. I use three different decks for this session – two numerology decks and a Tarot deck. I use Ciro Marchetti’s exquisitely rich Rider-Waite-Smith-based Tarot deck using only the major arcana cards, so you can see what you look like using the Tarot as a visual guide. This helps you tune into the visual energetic pattern of what your numbers look like through the images of the Tarot at the time of your birth. Just as each number has a different meaning and a different influence on the placement of that number in your numerology chart, so too does the Tarot play a role in your identity. Find out who your cast of characters are. Does your Life Path embody the characteristics of the Strength card or the Magician? Does your Destiny align with the Empress or the Emperor?

Your Year and Month Cards

The last layer I add are your forecast cards. This gives you a basic understanding of what’s going on for you during your personal year as I lay out your personal year  card and  your personal month cards for the next six months. In addition, I also show you the frequency match between your personal year number and your personal month number and how these frequencies match up to your core numbers. Discover which months will be harmonious and which ones will be challenging. This is truly a unique reading. Book your Numerology-Tarot Reading today.

If this session is via Skype or phone, I will send a photo of your card reading via email along with your recorded session.



Select your desired Numerology-Tarot Guidance Reading. Once I receive notification of your interest in a reading, I will send you an invoice. Credit card payments can be made Credit either through your PayPal account or through my Square Account using either Visa or Master Card. When payment is received and confirmed, I will contact you directly to schedule your appointment.



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