Book An Oracle Card Reading

Love. Money. Career. Grief. Major Life Events

$75/30 Minutes $150/60 Minutes

For those who want more of an intuitive and spiritual reading, I have developed two unique Number Card Readings:

  1. Using the traditional Rider-Waite Deck system + Numerology this reading is twofold: First layer gives you a visual of your name and date of birth numbers; second layer is your personal year card, representing the tests and lessons you are experiencing in the current year and what you will be experiencing in the next 6 months.
  2. An Oracle card reading + Numerology. Connect with your Angels by asking “What do my Angels want me to know?” Or, ask for a message from a loved one in heaven. This reading  will give you the answers you need right now. You choose from one of the oracle decks I work with so that I can connect with my guides and using your personal numerology to answer any question with clarity.  

Readings are via Skype or phone only. I will send a photo of your card reading via email or as a text message prior to the reading. Under separate cover and within 2-3 days I will email you your recorded session.


Select your desired Numerology-Tarot Guidance Reading. Once I receive notification of

your interest in a reading, I will send you an invoice. Credit card payments can be made Credit either through your PayPal account or through my Square Account using either Visa or Master Card. When payment is received and confirmed, I will contact you directly to schedule your appointment.




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