Basic Meaning of Numbers 1 to 9

colors-of-nine-numbersNothing can exist without numbers. Numbers  bring patterns and everything in the world roots to numbers. Numerology is the practice and study of numbers. Numerology is a science based on numbers and their incredible effect on our lives and is a tool that can help us investigate ourselves on all levels – physically, mentally, spiritually.

Each number has a very specific vibration and has its own set of characteristics and attributes. The vibratory power of each number has both positive and negative aspects.

Numbers can represent stages in the unfolding of any process, and can be keyed to planets, colors, the Tarot and astrology. Each letter of the alphabet vibrates to a given number from 1 through 9.


One 1

The number of purpose and new beginnings, the individual, leadership, entrepreneur, opportunity, courage, unity, actin, action.

Negative Characteristics: Aggression, selfish, stubborn, undisciplined

Tarot Correspondence: The Magician, Wheel of Fortune, the Sun and all the aces in minor arcana.

Color: Red

Letter Correspondence: A-J-S

Planet: Number 1 is ruled by the Sun

Two 2

The number of partnership, choices, patience, cooperation, balance, duality, crossroads or choice. It shows the two natures of things: good vs bad; light vs dark; yin vs yang; joy vs sorrow. Balance and contrast, equilibrium through a mixture of positive and negative qualities.

Negative Characteristics: Discontent, spoiled, lazy or careless with the truth.

Tarot Correspondence: High Priestess, Justice, Judgement and all the twos in minor arcana.

Color: Orange

Alphabet Letters: B-K-T

Planet: Number 2 is ruled by the Moon

Three 3

The number of creativity, communication, trinity, union, completion of a cycle, expansion, birth, achievement.

Negative Characteristics: Vanity, extravagant, complaining, intolerance, impatience.

Tarot Correspondence: Empress, Hanged Man, World, all the threes in minor arcana.

Color: Yellow

Letter Correspondence : C-L-U

Planet: Uranus

Four 4

The number of practicality, building, structure, stability, earth, steadiness, details endurance, loyalty, endurance, the 4 seasons, the 4 basic elements (water, fire, earth, air).

Negative Characteristics: Lack of conviction, inability to adapt, laziness.

Tarot Correspondence: Emperor, Death, all the fours in minor arcana.

Color: Green

Letter Correspondence: D-M-V

Planet: Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter

Five 5

The number of personal freedom, change, movement, expansion, realignment, progression, resourcefulness, travel, adventure.

Negative Characteristics: instability, chaotic, self-indulgent, impulsiveness, irresponsible, careless, addictions.

Tarot Correspondence: Hierophant, Temperance, all the fives in minor arcana.

Color: Blue

Letter Correspondence: E-N-W

PLANET: Number 5 is ruled by Mars

Six 6

The number of love, harmony, relationships, family matters, children, marriage, responsibility, cooperation, problem-solving, nurturer, protector, healer, teacher.

Negative Characteristics: Superiority, disconnected, paranoid, cynical, jealous, submissive.

Tarot Correspondence: Lovers, Devil, all the sixes in minor arcana.

Color: Indigo

Letter Correspondence: F-O-X

Planet: Number 6 is ruled by Venus

Seven 7

The number of God, faith, trust, analysis, inner-wisdom, inner-awareness, mastery, wisdom, spiritual development, reflection, assessment, going within, meditative/meditation. Mystery with study and knowledge, the unknown and the unseen. “And on the 7th day, God rested. There are 7 ancient planets, 7 days in the week and 7 notes to the musical scale.

Negative Characteristics: Aloof, distance, sarcastic, melancholy, depression, pessimistic.

Tarot Correspondence: Chariot, Tower, all the sevens in minor arcana

Color: Violet

Letter Correspondence: G-P-Y

Planet: Number 7 is ruled by Neptune

Eight 8

The number of power, courage, strength, self-confidence, money, finances, riches, material freedom, material success, real estate, action.

Negative Characteristics: Greed, insensitive, violent, bullish, domineering, condescending, superior.

Tarot Correspondence: Strength, Star, all the eights in minor arcana.

Color: Rose

Letter Correspondence: H-Q-Z

Planet: Number 8 is ruled by Saturn

Nine 9

The number of universal love, eternity, faith, the humanitarian, benevolence, compassion, charitable, service to humanity, strength of character.

Negative Characteristics: Disconnection, lethargic, inability to concentrate and focus, dreamy, self-pity.

Tarot Correspondence: Hermit, Moon, all the nines in minor arcana.

Color: Gold

Letter Correspondence: I-R

Planet: Number 9 is ruled by Mars