About Kathleen & BIO

As a seasoned Numerologist-Life Coach-Intuitive, I specialize in one-on-one numerology readings, which are available in person by appointment, skype or phone. I am also available for one-on-one readings in Marin county at Open Secret Bookstore every Friday from 12 to 5 p.m.  I can help you connect the dots in your business life, your love life, issues with children or other family members or any urgent issue or general issues that are relevant to your life. I have worked with a number of families helping them heal the rifts in their relationships or at least understand the challenges and help them work on the cracks. I also have a strong knack in counseling artists, writers and musicians find the appropriate name or titles for their professional work projects. I do have a very unique approach to unlocking the meaning and codes of the numbers in a title of a book, a play, a screenplay or a song.

Numerology is seeing the big picture of your life and having a numerology session with me is more revealing than going to a therapist because I know so much more about you before you arrive simply through your numbers. I do all the work as a Numerologist and Spiritual Intuitive to help you discover insights about yourself. The numbers in your chart show me the destiny and direction of your life. My counsel is to help you discover who you are and what you came to do with your life. Together we can find strategies to help you live your best life. My objective is to be your guide to help you improve yourself and to explore all possibilities through the power of your name and date of birth. You came here to fulfill a mission, let me help you discover yourself.

As a catalyst for change, I am committed to assisting you on your spiritual journey to help you find the answers to help you grow and expand to your highest potential. My numerology method is simple and practical. While I am an intuitive and access my intuition during your reading, I do use a practical and common sense approach to help you understand who you are based on what your numbers tell me. Once I begin talking about who you are and your life’s mission, you will immediately see what I am talking about. What has eluded you, will be revealed in a way that you understand. I’m committed to helping you discover and uncover your life’s purpose and life mission through numerology in a very practical and tangible way. I can and will show you, through your numbers, your life’s primary mission – how you came in and what you are to do with your life.

  • I will validate your life’s purpose and life mission, yet expose your challenges, weaknesses, obstacles, tendencies and karmic lessons.
  • I will help you change what is not working and help you apply yourself to what needs to be addressed in order to manifest your life fully and positively.


  • Bay Area Numerology Coach Kathleen Established 2001


  • I began studying the science of numerology in 1991 and considered it a hobby for 10 years and gained tremendous knowledge about myself, my family members, friends and my ex-husband by analyzing all of our numerology charts. As a California licensed esthetician and certified aromatherapist, I owned holistic skin care businesses in Santa Barbara and Mill Valley for 10 years. I then went on to teach esthetics and aromatherapy at two leading Bay Area cosmetology schools for 8 years eventually becoming the Director of Esthetics at the prestigious Academy for Salon Professionals in Santa Clara. While I was still teaching, I began my services as a part-time professional numerologist in 2001 helping many of my students understand and find themselves. I even selected the name of my business through the power of numerology.
  • While I was born with the gift of intuition and psychic abilities passed onto me from my Mother, I believe that by working with numerology, numbers, angels and angel numbers, my psychic abilities have increased tremendously.
  • My business portfolio includes working with large volumes of people at trade-shows such as the Walnut Creek Crystal Fairs and the Santa Rosa Mystic Fairs.


  • Author of the popular weekly newsletter This Week in Numerology that arrives in your mailbox every Monday morning rain or shine and Your Personal Monthly Forecast Revealed that comes out at the beginning of each month. Since 2010.