About Kathleen

Some people read the cards, I read the numbers from your numerology birth chart. All I need is your date of birth and the name on your birth certificate. I nurture and strengthen your desire to understand who you are and why you repeat certain patterns with or without any results. I work with you when you feel a deep urgency to understand or have your life’s mission expressed at its greatest height. I help you connect the dots in any aspect of your life that needs immediate attention. I cover the issues that you may be concerned about including: career, relationships, money, business matters, name changes, naming your business or book, marriage & timing, moving, relocation and yes even address / phone number numerology.

As a Spiritual Intuitive and Numerologist, I merge your soul’s desire, life path and destiny numbers with all the other numbers in your chart to help you discover and unlock your unique numerical DNA code so that you better understand yourself. During our session together, I blend my own intuitive and psychic information that I receive against your chart. I connect you deeply to the direction of your life, the timing of events, the cycles and their influence and all potential outcomes for optimal manifestation now and over the next several years.

During your session with me, I will help you:

  • Understand and clarify your Life Path – life experience and lessons.
  • Know your Destiny – what you came to do with your life.
  • Help you understand what your soul wants and desires.
  • Uncover current money, relationship, career blocks and how to release them.
  • Forecast Numerology – find out upcoming opportunities and challenges for the next 6-12 months.

I have mentored thousands clients worldwide since 1991. I am able to guide my clients to their unique expression of infinite abundance through the power of numbers.


My numerology and spiritual insights have been featured in the Marin Independent Journal’s January 2017 Lifestyle edition and in the The Wave Holistic Journal – Holistic, Metaphysical and New Age Resource for Healthy Living @ http://thewaveholisticjournal.com/issue-archive. Kathleen is also a regular monthly contributor for Tarot Professional and Author Josephine Ellershaw at The Tarot Technique in Richmond, North Yorkshire England.