About Kathleen

As a spiritual teacher and advisor, I use the mediums of Astrology and Numerology to help you discover yourself, including your divinities and foibles.

Numerology and Astrology are the practice of empowerment. Basically they are tools that empower you to take responsibility for your life once you have the information. To  assist you to become active instead of passive; to help you understand yourself; then to discover your strengths and weaknesses; then to overcome. Everything in life has a positive and a negative side. By identifying both the positives and the negatives in relationship to you and your personal chart, we can see patterns of behavior that can help us to rely on the positives to help boost ourselves, and to learn to stay away from the negative patterns of behaviors that are destructive.

In my readings, I strive to show you why and where you encountered issues, and I show you possible roads towards healing and empowerment. I work with you to show you the blocks and why and where the energy blocks are. This in turn gives you the information you need that gives you the opportunity to take action needed to overcome or thwart your weak links.

I have been  studying metaphysical disciplines for over 25 years to help guide others on their spiritual journey. I believe these are necessary tools that are vital for our survival → the tools in our toolbox that can help us immensely on our journey through life to provide the answers so that we may understand the human experience we are journeying through in this lifetime.

My spiritual insights have been featured on this blog since 2008. I have also been featured in the Marin Independent Journal’s January 2017 Lifestyle edition “2017: Marin Astrologers, intuitives predict what’s ahead” and in the The Wave Holistic Journal July/August 2016 Issue, “Numerology and the Law of Vibration” http://thewaveholisticjournal.com/issue-archive. I am also a regular monthly contributing Numerologist for Tarot Professional and Author Josephine Ellershaw at The Tarot Technique in Richmond, North Yorkshire England.



“Names and numbers are symbols. They do not make things happen. Instead, they announce and broadcast the programs of thought, feeling and action being enacted on the television screen of human relations.” – Juno Jordan

The power of your name has long been valued and treasured in many religions and religious ceremonies. Everyone recognizes themselves by their name, but your name also has an energetic value that can significantly influence your life experience. It broadcasts your vibration by the mere mention of it. Your name is a “Secret Code” and represents the story of your life. I delve into the analysis of personal and business names to nurture and strengthen your desire to understand who you are and why you repeat certain patterns with or without any results. I work with you when you feel a deep urgency to understand or have your life’s mission expressed at its greatest height. I can help you connect the dots in any aspect of your life that needs immediate attention including: career, relationships, money and business matters. Name changes are my speciality, so I also provides assistance should you desire to change your name or pick a name for your baby. Click here for more information.


Astrology has been used all over the world for centuries by humans looking for guidance by the positions of the sun, moon and planets at the time of their birth to find out what the future has in store. Astrology is powerful tool to help us understand ourselves, others and the world around us. Astrology gives us rich tools to explore our human behavior, and to understand the nature of ourselves.


Numerology and Astrology are two different systems that actually go hand in hand and are like two peas in a pod – one reinforces the other. Astrology is the study of influences of the celestial bodies at the time of our birth. Numerology is the study of the various numbers in our lives, the relationship between them and how they affect us. The use of numbers in Astrology, and the Tarot cannot be avoided because numbers have symbolism and meaning in all three divinations. While Astrology is absolutely dependent upon Numerology, Numerology is only enhanced by Astrology. For more information about your name and numerology click here.