3 Mystic Tools: Meditation, Dreams, Affirmations

“What is most important in our lifetime is to know ourselves. All experiences, people, and events are there to help us in this process of self-discovery. You’ll begin to see that what we perceive as problems are always disguised as “self-awareness” lessons.” We need to recognize that change first begins within and then the outer reality will follow. We need to center ourselves and raise our energy levels so that we will more clearly perceive what beliefs and attitudes need to change in order for us to fully accept our own divinity. We must learn to listen within to our inner voice and recognize our fears. Then, we can release old patterns, judgments, and limitations and begin to accept and receive our highest good.” – Betty Bethard

The first tool is MEDITATION

Meditate daily for a minimum of 10 minutes. 20 minutes or longer is ideal.

The second tool is DREAMS

We each leave our bodies at night to receive higher teachings. Dreams give us insight into our daily lives and is our nightly connection to God. Dreams are a source of inner truth and connects us to a higher power. Dreams are windows into worlds beyond the ordinary. You can receive healing from family members who have passed to help you with the grief process, or you can work through current issues that are disconcerting and help you deal with the challenges that you are currently going through.


“The act of practicing and repeating daily affirmations gets impressed upon your subconscious mind to help make your positive statements come true. Affirmations are like a magnet that is pulled to you. They are key statements that reflect what you want to manifest and are a powerful tool when used to reinforce positive thinking.”
– Kathleen Lamoureux, Numerology Affirmation Cards

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