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October is a 12/3 Universal Month

I predict that October is going to be a Hanged Man kind of month. It’s going to be challenging and divisive for the United States because of all the political drama playing out in Washington, D.C. with the Supreme Court nomination. Number 12 corresponds to the Hanged Man in the Tarot and what it represents is that we need to take a time out – to hit the pause button before making any decisions regarding moving forward with this nomination. It also represents changing perspectives, surrender, letting go and number 12 is the number that represents victims. We are seeing more and more victims of sexual abuse and sexual harassment come forward. These issues have plagued women and men for centuries – but it’s been coming out more over the last year with the beginning of the Me Too movement.

The MeToo Movement began in 2006 to help women who had survived sexual abuse, but the first major story around this movement was published in the New York Times in October 2017 with the Harvey Weinstein abuse allegations. Since then there have been other hash tags to identify certain similar allegations, but basically they all fall under this very powerful movement → the one of sexual abuse and harassment. Big media moguls have been taken down, the Catholic Church is not only in turmoil, but shattered, the women’s gymnastic team exposed their team Doctor who was sentenced to life in prison in January this year, Bill Cosby was finally sent to prison and now we have sexual assault charges brought by Dr. Christine Ford against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

October represents a time to release and to let go of old mental models and behavioral patterns that are no longer serving any of us. We need a fresh new perspective to prepare ourselves to embrace new opportunities that would have otherwise not come about without this movement and the spotlight on these issues. It is possible that we can experience pauses in situations creating an interruption to the flow of things → such as the move by Senator Jeff Flake last Friday delaying the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. Specifically we are being asked to surrender and let go of a specific outcome and accept what has been decided by many unenlightened individuals in the Senate. But remember, the time will come when true healing will take place when the old paradigm finally lets go of what is no longer serving us. We still have a way to go

United States Personal Forecast:
Accountability. Freedom. Challenges


Personal Year = 4
Personal Month = 5
Last Life Cycle = 3
Last Turning Point = 1

The United States is currently in a 4 personal year which represents a year without any illusions and a year marked by difficulties and taking a stand. This year women (mostly) and some men have had to stand up and prove themselves – often at their expense. The Fool is telling us that we are not easy to fool and it’s downright impossible now. Denial is no longer is working – we can’t throw this baby under the bus anymore. It’s been a year of no illusions → the truth of sexual injustice has been bared and exposed in all its ugliness for all to see and hear.

What’s working against the United States in October is that it’s in a personal month of 5 during a 4 personal year (the year is the major influence) creating a challenging / red zone month because 4 and 5 are incompatible and think quite differently. Look at it like this → the 4 personal year requires structure and discipline, reliability and accountability. It wants to take it’s time, to have a step-by-step plan – this is necessary.  The 5 wants freedom, to throw things off track and be in this wild and free type of situation where it feels it can do anything it pleases without any kind of accountability. The 4 and 5 have completely different temperaments and different communicating styles. The 4 is very direct  and to the point, while the 5 will be more diplomatic yet indirect. 4’s don’t like change and 5’s have to have it. This back and forth will be going on all month.

The last Life Cycle for the United States is a 3. Life Cycles are divisions in life broken down into three segments and the last cycle represents the flowering of our inner being → our true nature has come to fruition. So during a 3 cycle, it’s all about expression, but this expressive side is elevated. During October expression of all the issues of sexual predators, abuse and harassment is open for discussion and debate. That is what the nature of number 3 represents – communication. Period.

The last Pinnacle aka Turning Point is 1. Pinnacles represent a road map indicating the highway of life that a person (or country in this case) is traveling. They represent specific attributes that must be assimilated into our being. It shows the nature, thought or effort required. Right now the United States is in a time that requires much independence, courage and resilience. After all, we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. The challenge on this particular road trip is to gain willpower and to stay focused on our inherent strengths. We must guard against becoming too self centered and trying to control situations or people including how others should think to our own inclusivity.

Power Message for October

  • Do not be hindered by old habits that need to be changed.
  • Look for new experiences with optimism.
  • communicate clearly and succinctly – get your message across.
  • Surround yourself with love.

Have an amazing October. So much love ♥



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