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August is a 19/1 Universal Month

We have just completed a 9-month epicycle that ended in July with a 9 universal month representing the completion of a project and/or the ending of something near and dear to you. For some of you, there could be feelings of loss or regret, but hopefully that is only temporary and of course this feeling depends on the course of events that have transpired in your personal life.

The last 1 universal month goes as far back as September 2017. Now in August, we have that same 1 universal energy as we begin a new 9-month epicycle taking us through April 2019 where we can begin building something entirely new or rebuilding or simply tweeking whatever we began back last September. If you feel complete with your life, experiences or projects, then you move onto the next phase of a new 9-month epicycle this month. If not, then this is where you rebuild what you feel was lost, damaged or destroyed. You would then be in the reconstruction phase of a new 9-month epicycle.

“Everything turns in circles and spirals with the cosmic heart until infinity. Everything has a vibration that spirals inward or outward — and everything turns together in the same direction at the same time. This vibration keeps going: it becomes born and expands or closes and destructs — only to repeat the cycle again in opposite current. Like a lotus, it opens or closes, dies and is born again. Such is also the story of the sun and moon, of me and you. Nothing truly dies. All energy simply transforms.” 
-Suzy Kassem

August is a month of renewal, recharging and rejuvenation. With the endings that took place during July’s 9 universal month – aligning with a Full Moon Lunar eclipse where shifts and changes were part of the landscape – we now get a chance to begin a brand new journey. We literally have the opportunity to hit the refresh button and make a brand new start. That’s what the vibration of 1 is all about. The vibration of number 19 is symbolized by the Sun card in the tarot reminding us that our goal(s) are in sight and to remain positive through the transitions while you look forward to new beginnings and auspicious opportunities. The Sun is a head card and one who takes the lead as the head of an organization and brings to a head all the potencies of the life power. The astrological correspondence of 19 is Mars and the Sun. Mars drives our instincts and all our energy comes from the Sun, which coincides perfectly with Leo season.

During a universal month of 1, there is this supercharged and high energy that radiates out of you. You will feel an almost electric charge around your ethereal body. There will be a strong desire from deep within to manifest something and/or to begin anew in some way. Your affairs are directed to making a new start and setting new goals and the strength is urgent. Therefore, your future course depends on not only what you do now – it’s how you think and plan ahead. This frequency requires a quick response, so in order to move forward, it’s time to let go of the past and take massive and colossal action! If you are itching to do or try something new, now is the time to make it happen and make a mark for yourself. You must grow into your future by not only planning ahead but forging ahead. You feel new life coursing through your veins and you have a new agenda. You have intent, you are on purpose and suddenly your vision is 20/20. As you prepare, keep in mind the total vision that will take you progressively into the next 9 months, so that from this day forward things will be so seamless, that even you will be amazed. You have every opportunity to utilize all your skills in order to achieve your main objective, but one thing is certain – you must be very clear about where you are going and what you want. When you are crystal clear, you can then manifest your deepest desires. Be true to your fundamental core beliefs and what it is you truly want. However, you must FOCUS on what you want in order to GET what you want. Be forward thinking. Create yourself in every distinct way.



Sun is in Leo July 22 – August 23

With the Sun in Leo, it’s time to be more gregarious and take more of a leading role in your life. During last months Cancer season, there was a tendency to be more sensitive than usual because Cancer is a water sign and water signs can be more cautious and vulnerable. Maybe you just wanted to go inside of yourself, or the safety of your home and hide out.  The fire sign Leo will nudge you out of your shell and all during August, it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get your mojo back on because Leo is a bigger and more ambitious energy. You will feel more confident, outgoing and extroverted this month.

The Retrogrades and How To Be Proactive

Mars – June 26 – August 27, 2018 → Work on handling pressure and conflict
Saturn – April 18 – Sept 6, 2018 → Practice self-discipline and rethink your goals
Neptune – June 18 – Nov 25, 2018 → Explore and question spiritual beliefs
Pluto – April 22 – October 1, 2018 → Look at your shadow side & limiting beliefs
Mercury – July 26 – August 19, 2018 → Rewind. Review. Reconsider

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11 – Eclipse season continues


Today I close the door to my past, open the door to my future, take a deep breath and step through to a new life.


Eclipse season comes to an end with the final New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11. Solar eclipses always occur during a new moon phase when the sun and moon are positioned at the exact same degree within the same zodiac sign.

Eclipses bring brilliant light to all situations bringing with it new opportunities to help us better understand ourselves, and serve as celestial checkpoints that help illuminate our karmic path. Not only are eclipses visually spectacular, they can also be quite dramatic because they force us to step outside of our comfort zone and into new terrain that we are not familiar with. Not only do shifts occur during eclipses, but dramatic, and sometimes shocking shifts happen → for example, certain doors begin to slam shut, and while this can be quite shocking because we are not prepared, it’s a necessary part of our karmic evolution speeding up the inevitable, opening new doors to other possibilities. We may have been “thinking” of making changes, but were dragging our feet, so an eclipse will do it for you giving you the extra shove you needed forcing you into action. A Leo solar eclipse will give you that vibrance needed to shake you out of your reverie and bring positive happy energy to your soul and to your life.

Numerology for August 11 New Moon – (New beginning phase) in the sign of Leo occurs on an 11 Day, activating your intuition. Listen to your sixth sense rather than your mind. August 11 falls on a 3 universal day aligning with Mercury Retrograde and communication issues. It’s also a great day to connect to any kind of creative endeavors or your artistic or funny side. You are encouraged to look at new experiences with optimism. Favorable opportunities happen when you are in this mode. The Attitude of the day connects and aligns with the 1 universal month, so doing what you really want and taking the lead is magnified.

New Moon Wishes – Each month the New Moon offers us a fresh opportunity to take charge of our lives by using the magic of prayer and wishes to manifest our desires by writing your goals down on paper. Best to write out your wishes within 24 hours of the New Moon which occurs at 2:50 AM PST.

Full Moon in Pisces August 26 – Mystical and Spiritual Pursuits

A Full Moon is a culmination of the moon’s cycle – it’s where you reap the rewards of your New Moon wishes. Anytime you have a Full Moon in the sign of Pisces, you might want to lay low for a day or two, because you are not inclined to face reality. A Full Moon magnifies emotions and intensifies your feelings and your reactions. It can mess with your responses and make you feel like a lunatic, which is associated with Moon energy. Add Pisces to the mix and your feelings of passion, vigor and fieriness come bubbling to the surface. Leo and Pisces is  fire and water and water can put out fire, so be careful that you don’t extinguish your own passions. However, if you choose to stay at home and lay low, the moon in Pisces favors mystical or spiritual pursuits, developing your occult, astrology, tarot or numerology skills or your own inner development type of activities.

Numerology for August 26 Full Moon – (Reaping the benefits) in the sign of Leo two weeks after the New Moon is a 9 universal day bringing closure to something or a letting go energy allowing you to break away from what has been holding you hostage in favor of the changes and shifts you’ve been asking for – and this aligns completely with the season of eclipses. The Attitude of the day resonates with trust and faith in order to make these changes, so stick with your original thoughts and plans – don’t waiver.

Have an amazing August. So much love 



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