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A full blue moon in Libra arrives today at 8:37 am PDT (California) 8:37 EDT (New York). This is the second blue moon of 2018. It’s rare to have even ONE blue moon in a calendar year, so this one is very unusual. There is no particular spiritual meaning about this, but I will say that this particular blue moon occurs on a 9 universal day so it’s an ending cycle vibration. This means it’s time to let go of something or someone. Don’t be tied to things that no longer work for you. Release. Release. Release.

Affirmation For Release

“I let go of that which does not serve my highest good. I surrender to the magic of the future and prepare for a new and positive lifestyle.”

Libra is the astrological sign that represents balance and it’s symbol is the scales which balance, weighs and measures. The scales are also a symbol of justice, so something related to the law or legal system, karmic balance can be activated now.

It is important for us to remain calm and peaceful during this full moon. Sometimes a full moon can stir up crazy, wild and unbalanced energy because of the gravitational pull on the earth as it waxes, so we can be more emotional and excitable now. It’s important to find our equilibrium during this full moon in Libra so that we remain at peace within our body, mind and soul.

Full Moon Balance Rituals

In order to enhance the vibration of balance during this Libra full moon, these are things you can do to bring peace and harmony into your home in a very Libra way:

  • Bring flowers into your home so you can admire their Libra beauty.
  • Play beautiful peaceful music because it enhances the Libra qualities of harmony and balance.
  • Burn candles around your home or on your alter because they represent spiritual energy and purify the air. They add a calming influence and support any meditation.
  • Burn incense. It’s a way to not only rapidly adjust the atmosphere in the room, but the atmosphere in your mind and spiritual body.
  • Throw some Tarot cards to get a sense of what the energy holds for you during this full moon. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can pull one card to get a feel of your energy of the day or 3 cards for a past, present, future issue.
  • Wear your Libra stones such as Peridot or Jade.

Establishing peace and harmony is important, so any or all of these full moon balancing rituals can help to bring or restore balance and harmony to you and your environment in total Libra fashion to help you sort out any difficulties and soothe your mind, body and spirit. This is especially significant as this full moon aligns with the current Mercury Retrograde phase that goes through April 15th. Many of my clients are sharing their MRx stories and are frazzled. So stay calm and remember these words from the Dalia Lama:

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.

Blessings for a happy Full Moon experience.

Love ♥

Kathleen Lamoureux