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August is Vibrating to 1 – 8 – 9

Right now

We are experiencing a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the world stage during an 1️⃣8️⃣ / 9️⃣  universal month and the 1️⃣- 8️⃣- 9️⃣ vibrations play a crucial role all month during eclipse season.

Endings and Beginnings

Number 1 represents beginnings and number 9 represents endings, therefore, it’s important to remember that endings and beginnings share equal space in our lives. Lunar eclipses share something in common with the 1 – 9 vibrations because they are also a time of endings and beginnings.

This Full Moon lunar eclipse is very important because it invites you to let go and purge all those things that are weighing you down. One of the basic meanings of the number 9 vibration is → endings. You are being encouraged to look at things that are no longer meant to be a part of your life and to let them go so that you can move forward in all relationships personal and otherwise.

Karma and Manifestation

Number 8 represents karma → what goes around, comes around. So make sure you are planting good seeds everyday and have good intentions and are in integrity with everything you do, say and think. Number 8 also represents money matters and the process of manifestation. Manifest all that you desire and deserve through letting go and starting over.

5 Things To Do During the Full Moon

  1. Check in with yourself. How are you doing?
  2. Re-energize yourself with a salt bath.
  3. Meditate under the Moon and take a Moon bath.
  4. Re-Read your last New Moon letter of intentions.
  5. Release all that you want to let go of.

Best Stones For Working with Full Moon Energy

  1. Selenite
  2. Moonstone
  3. Labradorite
  4. Opal

Blessings beautiful souls  🙏 May the Full Moon  🌕 have a positive effect on you. Meditatation is always crucial in our daily lives. I recommend early in the morning or the evening (both if you can). Silence your mind. Try to stop those thoughts that disturb your peace of mind.

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