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The Vibrations of August – An 18/9 Universal Month

Focus on → Releasing, attending to your inner needs, compassion & wisdom

8+ 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 18/9

  • The vibration of number 18 is a pivot point number in August and is a blend of the energies of 1 and 8 which represent new beginnings and Karma / the universal spiritual law of cause and affect.
  • We are being encouraged to look at matters that may be ending or are no longer useful for the growth of our soul.
  • We are being prepped to finish up this 9 ending number cycle as we prepare and get ready for a new beginning cycle that arrives in a 19/1 universal month in September.
  • This month a planetary shift is taking place with opportunities to create a fresh start, coupled with a need to acknowledge the power of our mind and our ability to manifest our desires.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

  • It’s eclipse season and we are very close to a Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Aquarius (the sign of independence, idealism, revolution, truth and knowledge) on August 7th, which is occurring on a 16/7 universal day at 11:10 am PST.
  • Here we have double 7’s, which creates a sudden, usually unforeseen, disruption or major change that is about to happen or take place on the world stage.
  • Lunar eclipses are very important because they invite you to let go and purge, which is one of the basic meanings of the number 9 vibration. You are being encouraged to look at things that are no longer meant to be a part of our lives and to let them go.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse

  • A New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on August 21st in the sign of Leo (the sign of fire and passion).
  • A New Moon is a great time for fresh starts.
  • A solar eclipse makes setting new goals more important because their influence lasts 6 months instead of the usual 4 weeks.
  • This solar eclipse will bring positive change and success particularly because it falls on a 12/3 universal day encouraging communication, motivation and the birth of new projects.
  • The August 21st solar eclipse will work completely in tandem with the August 7th lunar eclipse all the way until the end of January 2018.
  • The lunar eclipse has the potential for greediness, selfishness and ruthless to occur due to the 16/7 universal day it falls on, however, the solar eclipse brings in positive, creative energy because it falls on a 12/3 universal day. Happiness and success are possible if you use the vibration in the right way.

Mercury Retrograde

  • The 3rd Mercury Retrograde of the year occurs on August 12th, which is a 12/3 universal day.
  • Double 12’s intensifies looking at things from a new perspective, being true to yourself and discovering when and what to sacrifice.
  • Mercury Retrograde during an 18/9 universal month will give you time to stop, look and listen before proceeding. Spend time in meditation and reflection learning to see things as they really are and not as they appear. When you bring conflicting polarities into perspective in your mind, you crate an inner harmony that is reflected out to your environment.

August’s 9 Universal Month versus 2017’s 1 Universal Year

  • August is an 18 universal month which reduces to the root number of 9.
  • 2017 is a 10 universal year which reduces to the root number of 1.
  • The combination of 1-9 are at the opposite ends of the number chart – beginnings and endings. This creates a dramatic, energetic shift of energies, which will bring about a major transformation on the world stage and in our personal lives.
  • It’s going to be an “out with the old and in the with new” kind of month. 
  • This 1-9 number energy combination is in what I call the Blue Zone energy, which means that the universal energies between the 1-9 will allow us to operate in an environment that is assertive and commanding, yet is compassionate and sympathetic. Any problems or difficulties that could occur in this 1-9 combination could be that the assertive and individualistic behavior from the vibration of the 1 could possibly irritate the vibration of the 9. Compromise and flexibility may be necessary all month long.

You Personally

This month you are being encouraged to pay attention and work on  releasing yourself from the past through soul transformation, dreamwork, body care and spiritual growth. August is the month to really work on your soul and your relationship with the Divine. The 18 vibration is preparing you to pay attention to your dream life. Dreams are heavily activated under the number 18 and is the number associated with the Moon in the Tarot symbolism. The message of the Moon is to pay attention to your dreams and your intuition. Face your fears, even if you do so a little at a time. It’s time to attend to your soul. The 9 vibration is preparing you for endings, completion and the conclusion of all matters. You are being guided to take stock and inventory of what you began 8 months ago and finalize everything that is important to those matters. Don’t proceed any further until you put in final form your plans and complete all the details of any project, arrangement, plan, business deal, etc. August is a month of release, which may be showing up in several areas of your life right now, and you could be brought face to face with things that may be holding you back or frustrating you, because the past may be holding you hostage. It could be time to forgive others and yourself so that your wishes, desires, and goals have a clear, unobstructed path to your heart, soul and life.


Projects, situations and people need to be closely evaluated in August and you will feel emotional situations much more deeply, especially during this Full Moon Lunar eclipse on August 7th. There can be breakthroughs and shifts within a very important personal relationship → if it’s meant to be, it will stay. If not, then there will be a major transformation within that relationship and the landscape can be altered dramatically under this 9 universal vibration.


You must slow down the pace of your life now and pay more attention to your bodily needs. Exercise, being outdoors, meditation and sufficient sleep is more important than ever under the vibration of the number 18. Health can improve if you allow periods of quiet contemplation and meditation to help calm your mind, body and soul.


What are you ready to change? What are you ready to invite into the current surrounding conditions of your environment? This month it’s important to organize your life. Set your environment in order so that your dreams and visions express the future direction you want to follow.

Days to watch: 7th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 27th

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