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August is the month of 8. It’s a power month and the vibration of the number 8 gives us strength and courage to pursue our passions and helps us step up our game.

August is the month to work on and focus on the power of manifestation. I have prepared your written forecast, so click on this link to discover what your personal experience will be for August: https://numerologycoach.wordpress.com…

In this sneak preview forecast video, I go into detail about what the number 8 represents and the meaning of vibration compatibilities. I also share with you a synopsis of what August has in store for each of the 9 Personal Year Numbers and what your personal focus for the month of August is. Be sure to like and follow my YouTube Channel.

Since it’s the month of 8 which rules money and finances, I’m going to direct you to the  pages on my blog for Affirmations For Money, Love, Success and Creativity. You can find it by clicking on this link: https://numerologycoach.wordpress.com…

And I also have created a page about the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance. You can find it by clicking on this link: https://numerologycoach.wordpress.com…

To get more information about my work, numerology or to book a reading with the Numerology Coach, click on this link: https://numerologycoachkathleen.com


Get your numbers read by Numerologist and Intuitive Soul Coach Kathleen Lamoureux, and discover the magic of your inner self. To prepare for the year ahead, book a Forecast Power Session with Kathleen for a complete 12-month breakdown. This forecast session is important for timing issues and what the experience of each month means to you personally and when to move forward with certain things or not. This reading can be done during anytime of the year. Click on this link to book your Forecast Power Session.