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The Moon has its maximum power today and arrived this morning June 9th at 6:09 PST / 9:09 EDT at 18/9º Sagittarius. Two things: There are Lot’s of 9’s in this Full Moon date, representing an major emotional purge and resolution on a 16/7 universal day signifying destruction of all that needs to be purged.

The Moon passing through Sagittarius brings:

  • Feelings of idealism
  • Truths are revealed
  • A sense of disruption
  • Restlessness
  • Desire for adventure
  • A need for change and motion
  • Itch to travel

The Good News – Jupiter Turns Direct

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter – the planet of expansion and good luck – and after months of being retrograde, Jupiter finally turns Direct today on June 9th during this Full Moon. Number 9 is the King of numbers and is always about endings, completion and culmination just like the the Full Moon represents a culmination of all things you planted during the previous New Moon May 25th.

When a planet goes forward or Direct, it can be compared to a rebirth moment and aligns completely with today’s 16/7 Universal day and June’s Universal Month rebirth vibration.

Today, people can be warm and friendly. There can be feelings of spontaneity and your intuition can be strong, so pay attention to it. There is a philosophical influence with a Sagittarius Moon and it can stimulate:

  • Higher aspirations for self-improvement
  • Intellectual affairs and a desire to engage in critical thinking and reflection
  • Promotion through publishing, lecturing, or similar activities of self-expression

The Sobering News – A 16/7 Testing Vibration

The Full Moon arrives today on a 16/7 Universal day – a karmic debt number that holds more weight today. It represents the destruction of everything obsolete and in its wake, brings new thinking and new birth. Anything that is artificially piled up, all that separates a person from their true essence is destroyed. The number 16 is an act of ownership rights to the highest of spirituality. So there is more seriousness today with a focus on things for a specific purpose. If a chapter closes in your life or has been slowly closing and finally slams in your face, a new chapter begins even as things seem uncertain about the future. Its certainly a lot to navigate through as the mind is processing this destruction process to the fullest and most painful degrees as we embrace a new reality.

Inside the chaos, build a temple of love. – Rune Lazuli

This is a challenging Moon and coincides with what we are seeing on the World stage during June’s 16/7 Universal month, so there is an intensification of this energy today. Meditation is advised and don’t let your thoughts disturb you. If you find yourself feeling sad, depressed or fearful, narrow your focus and let go of anything superfluous. Take a look at where you are putting your energies. A Sag lunation during a 16/7 day can be a powerful wakeup call when your life begins to crumble. This 16/7 vibration acts as a spiritual actualizer about receiving the truth and telling the truth. The truth is not always comfortable, but the actualizer prefers to hear this than cover things up with little white lies. It takes courage to tell the truth about everything and everyone in your life.

Pay attention to your feelings and emotions today because they tell you a lot about your current state. Let go of negative thinking. Raise your vibration with positive thinking which will lower your levels of distress during this ending / rebirth day.

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