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The vibrations of June – A 16/7 Universal Month

Expect turbulence, shakeups, shocking situations

6 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 16/7

June is a 16/7 month and it’s a Tower month that involves a whole lot of turbulence, shakeups and shocking situations. So fasten your seatbelt extra tight this month. Things perhaps that maybe you haven’t been looking at clearly or have become blurred create illusions, which can knock you right off your foundation. These foundations can include anything in your life that is not in the best working condition such as the house you live in, your career, your job, people who you share your life with, business dealings, real estate, property, political views and yes – even your spiritual beliefs can come under scrutiny. June is the month of the complete shakeup and things could be topsy-turvy and could even get violent. This vibration is associated with war, violence, accidents or destruction, and is similar to the effects of an eclipse – that which is obscured but has significant meaning on a spiritual level as it releases us from something we most likely would hang onto for good or bad.

The vibration of number 16 means that there can be a reorganization or a restructuring in our lives now. It’s like that flash of light that we desperately need at the eleventh hour to light up our foundations in order to clean house properly. But in the aftermath, illumination finally happens. These shakeups are necessary from time to time – that light thrown on our path in order for us to let go of those things that no longer serve us or are useful to us in fundamental ways. This month you will be called upon to clean house and overhaul your life.

June’s 7 Universal month vibration versus the 1 Universal year is a natural match combination and as always there is a silver lining to everything. Number seven works through the number 16 to assist us spiritually. It is through the vibration of the number 7 that we have opportunity to take  stock of things that matter. We have a moment in time to sit still and think about our lot in life and the meaning of our life. It’s like a 30-day timeout given to us so that we can analyze what is happening, why it is happening. This gives us opportunity to make a power decision, but that does not come until July when we are on firmer ground.

The Effect of the 16/7 vibration

  • We were already seeing early effects of this 16/7 Universal vibration on the World stage in the beginning moments of June as Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement on June 1st and was immediately condemned by World leaders.
  • Former FBI director James Comey is scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8th into the investigation between the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 election. June 9th is a 16/7 Tower day, so this should be quite intense as the investigation continues.
  • Staff shakeups at the White House are looming right now and this will be quite prominent all month long under this 16/7 vibration as the WH tries to reorganize or restructure the staff. The White House Director of Communications, Mike Dubke resigned the day before June began, but this just goes to show you that vibrations begin to be felt 2-3 days before it actually changes vibration.
  • Manilla – A lone gunman entered the World Resorts Manilla on June 1st. And ISIS steps into the picture trying to claim responsibility. Shaking things up even more causing people to be unsure.
  • Kathy Griffin was fired by CNN at the end of May for producing photos of her holding a bloody head resembling Donald Trump. This is a real shakeup/Tower moment for her and a blow to her career as potential investors are distancing themselves from her. She apologized for the photos taking full responsibility for crossing the line based on the extreme negative reaction she received the day after the incident. But today, June 2nd, she held a press conference and with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom in tow, she now feels that Donald Trump is trying to somehow ruin her life and that there was a disproportionate response by the president and his family after she posed with a fake, severed Trump head for photographer Tyler Shields. I feel that she is now not taking responsibility for her actions and is back peddling. Instead she feels she is the victim. Come on. We’ll see how June’s 16/7 Tower month works for out for her. She’s in a 7 personal year which intensifies June’s 16/7 Universal month energy. She better go within and see the light. It would be a good month for her to reorganize and restructure.
  • The United States is in a 9 personal month, and the number 9 always represents the end of something or the conclusion of things. I think we will begin to see things shift in many ways on the political front in many countries – including the United States under this 16/7 vibration.
  • Donald Trump’s numerology chart aligns with that of the United States numerology chart, so he is also in a 9 personal month in June and he will be at the affect of this 9 ending vibration. I think it’s worthwhile to note that as 45th President, 4 + 5 adds up to #9, so things will be long and drawn out and it will not be business as usual for him under this 16/7 vibration. It’s going to be a very long, tumultuous month for him.

You Personally – It’s important to get your environment in good working order during June because there could be sudden and unexpected change whether through an event or news that you receive. Be prepared to clean house and reorganize. Let go of all unwanted influences. There could be situations that could come crashing down on you, but then again things could be more positive and you will have a quick recovery following this crash.

Relationships – If you have been hanging onto a relationship for the sake of just hanging onto the relationship and you feel isolated and unhappy, but aren’t doing anything about your situation – thing are about to shift. The days in June that activate this 16/7 vibration, could be the days that you could feel this effect even more and forceful change will be thrust upon you. See the dates to be watchful for below. This change could be against your will, but you need to remember that changes is always for your higher good. Most likely you have seen the writing on the wall, but have either resisted or ignored the warnings – or both. Change is always for your spiritual growth and is a gift when recognized.

Health – Those born on the 7th, 16th or 25th or in a personal month of 7, need to pay attention to their nervous system. Any illness you experience this month is associated with your nerves and/or any nervousness you may experience, which includes over-excitement and over-activity. Pay special attention to any circulation problems or stomach disorders.

Environment This is the month to focus on your inner self and going within to find the answers you seek about life and your role in life. If you are personally in a 7 personal month, especially a 16/7 personal month, you will feel the effects of this even more. The best choice this month is take a time out, cancel important meetings or meaningful talks. It is time to understand your further actions and to spend time being honest with yourself or doing what you love and what makes you calm, happy and balanced. Watch your favorite TV shows, choose hobbies that involve a lot of time so you can think. When you can do something and your mind is free for contemplation you can come up with a idea that will change everything for the better.

Days to watch – All days that have a 16/7 vibration are the days we want to be especially for of in June: 9th, 16th, 18th and 27th.

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