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New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini arrived at 3:44 p.m. EST yesterday May 25th and so a new cycle began. It presents opportunities to improve communication and to see both sides of the coin. Sometimes it’s hard to make up our minds due to the dualistic nature of the Gemini twins. This New Moon arrived on a 13/4 Universal day aligning with the vibration of number 4 working through the number 13. So here we have transformation which invites the death of something that is no longer needed or that matters. When WE change, we are transformed. Then that invites in the ability to find structure and form in that which was created out of the transformational process.

The New Moon is also known for the time we take to set our “intentions” during the current month in order to manifest what we desire to come into our lives.

There is still time to set your New Moon Intentions

It is always best to set New Moon Intentions right after the New Moon becomes exact, so you still have plenty of time to set your New Moon Intentions. The most potent time  to set your intentions is between the time the New Moon entered on the 25th from 3:44 p.m. 5/25 through Saturday the 27th at 2:18 AM. All times are EST, so adjust this if you are living in another time zone.

A NEW MOON is all about new beginnings and charting new journeys to where you want to travel. This is a very powerful and potent time to take action when you call in the Universal energies on your behalf to begin whatever you are setting your intentions on. A New Moon Ritual of Intention represents a magical time of new beginnings and is a great time to recharge goals or set new ones. New Moons represent imagination, fertility and growth and it’s the perfect time to allow these energies to support you. New Moon Rituals bring meaning to our lives by charging an intention with power. Those most affected by this New Moon will be those who have a 4 or 13/4 Life Path Number.

6 Simple Steps to Set New Moon Intentions

  1. Create a sacred ritual space. Gather your sacred supplies and objects: crystals, candles, coins, photos, feathers, etc. Place them in a special place such as an alter, cabinet, table or some place that has importance. Clear any negative energies from your space by burning sage or incense. Clear your mind. Put on some calming or meditative music. Light your candles.
  2. Reflect on last month’s intentions. If you created an intention list last month, review your list and your progress. If this is your first time creating new moon intentions, reflect on the month past exploring what came to light, what was released and what you invited into your life.
  3. Create intentions for the current month. Close your eyes and center yourself by taking a few deep breaths. You can meditate for 5 minutes or so to connect to yourself and the earth. As you begin to write. At the top of the page in your journal write something like this “New Moon in Gemini Intentions for May 2017.”  Keep your list to no more than 10 intentions. More than that muddies the waters.
  4. Offer up your intentions. After you have written your intentions, read them and then release your intentions by offering them to the Universe. Bring in your angels and your guides in order to help your wishes unfold. You can say something like this “May these intentions unfold in the coming month, or in perfect Divine timing, for the greatest good of all involved. Please guide me through this process and thank you for your assistance.”
  5. Turn your intentions into affirmations. You can also attract your desires, wishes and goals by turning your intentions into daily affirmations and repeat them throughout the month. Click here to read more about affirmations. I also created a Numerology Affirmation Card Deck which is available for purchase. Click on the link in the Menu Bar above Purchase Numerology Affirmation Cards.
  6. Keep your New Moon wishes alive. In order to be successful in your New Moon endeavors, you simply must keep your New Moon Letter of Intentions where you can see them. Your intentions must be visible so that they are kept in your awareness zone. Keep your New Moon Letter on your alter, your journal or your day planner. You can even put up “post It” notes around your home, office or even create reminders on your cell phone throughout the month.

Affirmation for this Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon Fruition and Gratitude

Focus on your New Moon Letter of Intentions until the next Full Moon. This is when there is opportunity for manifestation to occur. But the key is to be open to what form the manifestation takes. A relationship desire may show up as a new friend who appears, a desire for a raise may appear as a bonus in your paycheck instead. Be open and stay flexible.  Remember that the universe sends us exactly what we need just at the right time it is to appear. Be grateful for whatever results your New Moon Letter produces and don’t forget to say “Thank You” to the universe when something positive happens around your intentions.

New Moon Blessings everyone.
With ♥ Kathleen