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The main theme for April is ADAPTABILITY AND UNEXPECTED EVENTS with interactions and energies of new beginnings and determination.

ADAPTABILITY is something that we may need to work on this month in order to adjust to the change that number five represents. We may need to adapt to new conditions and circumstances as they arise, and this is a skill that will be critical in April especially in the current harsh political-economical environments. There could be unexpected and unforeseen events. So buckle your seatbelt because April could be a wild ride.


April adds up to the 14/5 karmic debt number of freedom (positive and negative) in numerology.

4 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 14/5. 

The number 14/5 is considered a karmic debt number in numerology. One belief is that perhaps in a past lifetime, you may have infringed on the freedom of others or your freedom was infringed upon. The 14/5 vibration teaches us the lesson of freedom and encourages us to support ourselves and deal with the unfamiliar, and the shock that often accompanies the unexpected and unforeseen events.

April is in the challenging 4-5 red zone

The month of 4 and the universal month of 5 create a 4-5 vibration, and is in what I call the Red-Zone. This further compounds and will intensify the challenges we are facing on many levels – personal and professional, including the political stage, socio-economic factors, the government and the environment – which will all require much compromise.


Five represents freedom, movement, change, the unconventional, variety, adaptability, and resourcefulness.  It’s a great month to come alive, to rekindle your energy and get in touch with what freedom means to you. It is also a wild card number that likes to roam where and when it pleases and do what it wants to do without any constraints. Five likes to juggle many things at once and there could be many distractions and it could be difficult to stay on track. It is the traveler’s number, so travel and the ability to exercise your freedom in some way is highlighted. The negative side of the number 5 is chaos, instability, self-indulgence, irresponsibility and carelessness.  Under a 5 vibration, there could be abuse of drugs, alcohol and unhealthy sexual tendencies. Find balance.


April will be a very fast-paced month with a lot of quick and quirky energy. It could feel much like a see-saw where your energy is up one day and down the next. That’s because five can be a very unstable vibration and April could most certainly be full of extreme ups and downs. Things could feel rather unstable or they could actually become unstable, so it will be important to find balance in instability. Think things through before you act rash. What you give power to has power over you if you allow it. This is the month to learn to be resourceful and adaptable. There could be some important life changes that could bring many positive opportunities for you, but you need to take concerted action in order to do so. Any changes that are unexpected, are for a reason and you are being asked to look upon all changes with an optimistic and positive attitude as they are destined to bring you many long-term benefits. Take the time to be grateful for all opportunities that bring change into your life or the change that will help you reenvision your life.


April is a great month to switch things up in relationships and to be open to new ideas and changes with each other. In order to do this, you need to free up the energy by taking a new approach. Maybe you need to go on a vacation together or rekindle the relationship with variety such as new scenery for example. As they say, variety is the spice of life. Five is the action-oriented, take charge kind of vibration that can help you move the energy away from anything that is stale or stuck. There is a certain kind of magnetic attraction this month that pulls on your heart strings or emotions and you may seek sexual pleasure, but the challenge for couples under a 5 vibration is to stay focused on each other and not the addiction to just the pleasure of sex, but something more meaningful. Stay away from those men or women who fall in this category.


This would be a good month to learn to relax as well as finding healthy ways to relax such as yoga, meditating or walking in nature. If you are feeling unwell not just physically, but mentally, emotionally or spiritually, April would be a great month to look at all your habits. It’s important to let go of any addictive habits such as drinking too much, eating unhealthy foods or engaging in an unhealthy diet overall. If you are a workaholic, take some time off, at least a few days and get back into balance. You will be surprised at how this will really help you. Peace of mind and clarity will return.


There can be a negative affect on the climate as weather or turbulent conditions could take place, so we will all will need to be resilient and tough in order to get through the transformation that could be coming. Therefore, we may need to course-correct and be flexible due to the nature of change, changeable conditions and certain unseen circumstances that could alter the course of events.

Five Retrograding Planets in April

There will also be 5 planets in retrograde motion during parts of or all of April, which will impact the instability vibration even more. The fact that there are 5 retrograding planets in April, actually intensifies this vibration even more.

Each planet has a focal energy and are indicators of specific kinds of activity. Every planet has a definitive role. The good news is that the positive planets are the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. They activate, project, stimulate and vitalize. Negative planets are the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune.

Mercury, believe it or not, is neutral, but modifies, interprets or communicates the energies of other planets in aspect to it. Traditionally, Mercury is the planet of alchemy and during its retrograde periods, circumstances that are trying to get our attention to help us make the necessary changes in our own alchemical process will occur. Mercury is assigned the number 5 in numerology, so this will be a more impactful MRx phase during April’s 14/5 universal vibration. All of these planets retrograding in April will add to the chaos of change, movement and perhaps a loss of freedom in some way. Here are the five (5) planets that are retrograding during April:

  • Venus is currently in retrograde until April 15th
  • Jupiter is currently retrograde & direct on April 9th
  • Mercury goes retrograde April 9th in Taurus
  • Saturn vibrates to the number 8 goes retrograde April 4th
  • Pluto goes retrograde April 19th

Days to be watchful for in April

All days that have a 14/5 vibration are the days we want to be especially watchful and careful of in April are as follows: 9th (Mercury Retrograde begins), 14th, 18th and the 27th.

Yearly and Monthly Cycles of Numerology

The universal yearly cycle runs from January to December and is the larger picture of what you are going to experience during the year – the trends, direction and momentum of the global year.

The Month Cycles. There are 12 months in the year and each month vibrates to a different vibration (January is a 1 month, February is a 2 month, etc., etc.). Each month cycle is less impactful than the universal yearly cycle is, but the energy of each month is part of the overall universal or global experience and there are many numbers or number pair vibrations to consider each month.

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