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February is the second month of the year and we are going to experience a whole new vibration going from the quick, fast energy in January to a slower pace this month and one where we have time to sit for a moment, process the situation and wrap our heads around what happened so quickly as the year started off with such a bang.

The universal yearly cycle runs from January to December and is the larger picture of what you are going to experience during the year – the trends, direction and momentum of the global year.

The Month Cycles. There are 12 months in the year and each month vibrates to a different vibration (January is a 1 month, February is a 2 month, etc., etc.). Each month cycle is less impactful than the universal yearly cycle is, but the energy of each month is part of the overall universal or global experience.

The Month of 2

The overall experience of a 2 month is one where the energy slows down tremendously after the high dramatic energy during January. Things slow down considerably and your affairs will direct you to focus on patience, cooperation and helping others. After the high energy of January’s 1, there is pressure to sit back and be patient before rushing ahead. You must work on issues relating to self-restraint and temperance in order to develop your plans or relationships. Don’t be in a hurry and be tolerant even when there are delays, because holdups are put in place for your higher good. Advancement and progress can happen, but best results are obtained by staying focused on the end game.

Patience is in fact a virtue and is defined by the ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship.

If you are patient and wait for things to develop at an even pace, your plans can advance, but they cannot come to fulfillment until they mature. In a month of 1, you planted the seeds. In the month of 2, your seeds are growing but you must have great faith in the seeds that you planted. Does the farmer watch his plants grow after he plants the seeds? No. He trusts in the timing of Mother nature. After you plant the seeds, you must allow them to germinate, sprout and grow. As you are forced to slow down and wait for the germination process to complete itself, you will gain wisdom from the virtue of self-restraint. You may have to wait for the results you desire longer than you anticipated, but when you learn the art of patience, you adapt yourself to the pace of nature. When trying to make changes in the area of personal growth, relationships, a career or business matters, you must understand that things may not happen on the timetable you projected, but on the timetable of the universe. The key to success is in understanding the concepts of tolerance, calmness, endurance, tenacity, determination and resolve.

The Message of the Number 2

Stay focused on your goals as things slow down. Focus on strategies while you wait for things to develop.

Number 2 Tarot Symbolism

The vibration of the number 2 is associated with the High Priestess in the Tarot and High Priestess Gildedrepresents that mysteries and secrets are afloat this month. During February you are being guided into the known / unknown world of intuition and you are being encouraged to tap into your sixth sense in order to be inspired by what secrets can be revealed to you when you pay attention to your intuitiveness. The message of the High Priestess is about a kind of knowing that is beyond logic, and a further message of potential that is unexplored. If things are not coming together or you are unfulfilled, then look at the situation again as you may have missed something. The High Priestess aligns with the number 2 in the sense that it also requires you to be patient and alert. Again, listen to your instincts and higher self in order to fully manifest your dreams and desires.


February is in the Challenging Red Zone

February’s 2 month is in the challenging red zone to the world year of 1, which means Do Not Enter Symbolthat this 2-1 vibration match will bring more delays than usual to you on a personal level or on the world stage. There will be more challenges than usual during February and obstacles and barriers can get in the way forcing our hand. We may find ourselves having to stand up for our rights and/or the rights of the citizens in the world. This is not the month to sit back or lay down, but to speak up for yourself or for a cause. There seems to be more provocations from certain political leaders this year, and this 2-1 vibration does and will create tension and dissension and disagreements that can lead to discord on the world stage, which already began as this vibration began to come in at the latter part of January. Be vigilant. Stand up. But stop and think about things before you react or overreact.

Until next month, follow all universal energy. Let the vitality and sparkle of energetic vibrations flow through you. Sync with these vibrations so that they work for you.

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