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If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. – Yogi Berra

As soon as the New Year arrives each year, it seems that most of us go through a challenge with ourselves by setting New Year resolutions. But what if you approached the New Year differently and decided to work on your Theme for the year? This is possible by following your own personal year cycle from your numerology chart and is very easy to figure out. You simply add your day and month of birth to the year 2017 and you have your personal year number.

For example I was born on March 9 and the calculation is:
3 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 22 and then reduces to the single digit of 4.

I am in a 4 personal year in 2017 and my theme this year is working diligently on my plans and focusing on being practical and logical. It’s a year of working hard, but I know that the results will pay off in the end. During a 4 year, I must come up with a plan and follow my plans from A-Z without skipping any steps or trying to take shortcuts. I must remain open and aware of any and all opportunities that present themselves. I must concentrate and  stay focused in order to be successful this year. It’s about being practical and building for my future. This excites me and motivates me and actually helps me keep plugging away at my life. As I follow the cycles of my life I get better because I have a road map.

In numerology, we all go through 9 personal year cycles from 1 through 9, and then this 1-9 cycle repeats itself throughout our life. Each year has it’s own theme and is the larger picture of what you are supposed to experience during the year from January 1st to December 31st. Each number has a certain vibration that activates in you what you are to learn and grasp. It helps you to understand what your goals are. I know from personal experience that when you tune into your very own personal year vibration and understand your personal year theme, it really helps with goal setting, having a strategies in place to keep you motivated and on track with planning and self-discovery.

So what is your theme in 2017? What  is your yearly experience all about and how are you going to approach your career and your personal life? I have put together a brief synopsis of each personal year cycle below. For your full 2017 personal year profile, click here on this link

Number 1 Personal Year

The experience this year is one of new beginnings and planting seeds. Chart your course for the next 9 years now by strategizing. Utilize every year number as a symbol to help you navigate your course. The person in a 1 personal year has lots of opportunity to lead the way for themselves and others by bringing originality and initiative into focus. Be decisive and take charge.

Number 2 Personal Year

The experience this year is to keep the momentum going by staying focused on your plans. Be patient even when there are delays. The Person in a 2 personal year can find themselves working on arbitration issues in all relationships– personal or business-wise. Nourish your spirituality to bring your physical and spiritual natures into balance.

Number 3 Personal Year

The experience this year is to expand yourself in areas of creativity and communication. Use your imagination. Be expressive. Be inspired. The person in a 3 personal year needs to work on creativity or some sort of personal expression. Get yourself out there and don’t let your fears take over.

Number 4 Personal Year

The experience this year is to be more practical and build for the future. Plan ahead Have common sense. Be determined. The person in a 4 personal year needs to focus on accountability and working hard. Be aware of any and all opportunities that present themselves. Concentration is key. There are no shortcuts.

Number 5 Personal Year

The experience this year is to discover that spontaneity, change and unpredictability have a certain type of nobility. You finally break free of stagnant conditions that hold you back. The person in a 5 personal year has the advantage to become freed up in some situation and to make any bold new moves to make things happen. Don’t stay stuck – move your energy and be progressive and resourceful. Be willing to make that change you most desire.

Number 6 Personal Year

The experience this year is to learn to meet your responsibilities. Be truthful, be charitable. Humanity should be your motive. Learn to harmonize & settle all disputes with loved ones.  The person in a 6 personal year needs to work on family or relationship issues. Curb the desire to control or interfere with others. Dispense with the advice and then let others make their own decisions.

Number 7 Personal Year

The experience this year is to masterfully embrace the power of faith and listen to your inner voice. Go within and perfect your inner self. The Person in a 7 personal year needs to work on analyzing situations very carefully. Investigate more and think outside the box. You will discover that all knowledge is power.

Number 8 Personal Year

The experience this year is to work on personal and financial prosperity. This is your year of rewards, respect and recognition. The person in a 8 personal year needs to be aware of financial or business matters. Take control and be efficient. Recognize the value of money and good business ethics. Keep an eye on world affairs.

Number 9 Personal Year

The experience this year is to focus on the fine mingling of letting go and holding on. Get rid of what does not work and keep that which does. The person in a 9 Personal year needs to incorporate some sort of healing service either for yourself or others. Get involved in the community. Discover the art of forgiveness and let go of unwanted things, thoughts, people, possessions.


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Namaste and blessings for an abundant year ♥ ♥ ♥