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Month of JulyJuly Vibrates to Double 7’s

July is the 7th month of the year so we are in a month that represents spirituality and focusing on our inner life. The vibration of the number 7 gives us a chance to go within and regroup in July and discover the answers that have been eluding us. We need to quiet our minds now in order to get the answers that we are seeking – especially as the world seems to be more chaotic than ever and things feel like they are coming to some sort of violent crescendo. So when we stop and move into a space of silence, where there are no distractions, we are able to find enlightenment and open up to our inner wisdom and psychic abilities. We are awakened to our spiritual development and perhaps find the answers we are seeking as to why we are here on this earth plane. It is here – in this place of isolation and thought – that we can discover how to make a difference in the world. Deep introspection is desperately needed now and July is a very beneficial time to develop your personal spirituality. Listen to your inner knowing and step out of your comfort zone in order to develop and advance on all levels – especially as it relates to the human spirit.

The overall universal vibration for July is 16/7

July plus the universal year of 9 adds up to 16 (7 + 9 = 16) then is reduced to number 7. A 16/7 universal vibration is worrisome and can mean that with the world on the brink of disaster in a universal year of 9 – endings, completions, transitions –  there can be more disruptions and discord in our personal lives and on the world stage as the tension seems to be mounting. 16/7 is a karmic debt number which is a testing vibration or a warning that foundational structures are not that stable and can come crashing down – especially if our foundations are built on illusion and falsehoods. July can bring even more shocking events to the world scene and unpleasant news and bad situations. 16/7 brings about the destruction of what needs to be rebuilt – paving the way for world peace.

Symbol for see sawMonth of 7 versus Universal Year of 9

July 2016 is in the Gray Zone
A 7-9 vibration means that things are up and down overall in July and things can be uneasy and ambiguous. You’re not sure what’s going on. When you get on the down side of the see-saw, try to find your balance by balancing the external and internal so that you are not be pulled in one specific direction. Go slow before making any decision.


Numbers 7

Until next month, follow the vibrations of all universal energy. Let the vitality and sparkle of energetic vibrations flow over and around you. Sync with it so that it works for you.




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