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How Do The Numbers Match Up For Week 25/7 

I like to compare the universal vibrations of each day with the universal year number of 9 for 2016. This gives you an idea of how to plan your day or proceed toward a goal or business project you may be undertaking. In numerology, some numbers are either a natural match and produce an easy compatibility; some numbers are usually amicable and find it easy to get along with each other; some numbers are ambiguous where things are up and down; some numbers are challenging and require much compromise. I have categorized these days as sunny days with a Sun symbol, harmonious days with a partly cloudy symbol, gray zone days with a see-saw symbol or challenging days with the Do Not Enter symbol. This will help help you understand the energies of each day in order to plan ahead. If it’s a hindsight situation, this can help you understand why some days were so frigging excellent or ridiculously calamitous.

Symbol for see sawNow overall, the energies for Week 25/7 is vibrating to a 7-9 (Week 25 breaks down to a 7 and 2016 is a universal year of 9) and a 7-9 vibration creates the murky Gray Zone this week which means that it could feel like you are on the see-saw, or experiencing a bad plane ride. It could be difficult to maintain your balance and get your footing because one day things are up, and the next day things are down. There is no clear definition of things this week. Rules of the road >>> Stay in your power and find the middle ground. Maintain your spiritual harmony by doing your spiritual practices as much as possible. 

The Breakdown for Week 25/7

Sun symbolSunny Days 6/21, 6/24  – Happy day where things are in the flow and in the green zone. These are the perfect days to do those important things in your life, such as signing contracts, or making those big decisions,

Cloudy day symbolHarmonious Days 6/22, 6/26  – Conditions are mostly amicable and in the blue zone. These are good days for most activities but rely on yourself and not on others when it comes to making certain decisions.

Symbol for see sawGray Zone Days 6/23   – Things are up and down, uneasy and can be ambiguous and you’re not sure what’s going on.  Try to steady the external and internal and not be pulled in one specific direction.  Find your balance. Go slow before making a decision.

Do Not Enter Symbol Challenging Days 6/20, 6/25 – Things are demanding and in the red zone These are the days where life can be challenging and off balance for the most part and difficult and demanding. Don’t schedule the big things intentionally. 


“Everything in the Universe is mathematically precise and each number has it’s own vibration and meaning.”
– Pythagoras


UNIVERSAL LAW IS THE LAW OF VIBRATION: This law states that everything moves and vibrates. Everything is vibrating to a certain speed. This is also true of the vibration of numbers because:

  1. Numbers are part of the cosmos and define the universe.
  2. Numbers create an energetic pattern and have their own secret code.

The Law of Vibration is the real power behind the Law of Attraction and is where true manifestation happens. Therefore, when you practice the Law of Attraction, you must also incorporate the Law of Vibration because the two go hand in hand. They are not separate from each other – they have a simpatico relationship. You have the ability to raise your vibration very simply through the Law of Vibration. When you incorporate the Law of Numbers you are using them as powerful frequencies of manifestation. It is said that,

“In order to get what you want, you have to vibrate to it.”

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