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Spring breathes new life into the world around us

Hello April

Personal Year versus Personal Month cycles. In numerology, each year of your life is part of an evolving pattern of experience that progresses from 1 through 9 beginning at birth. Each year cycle is distinguished by certain qualities activating certain aspects, which is part of your experience. They are the steps that mark your progress. We also experience 9-day and 9-month cycles, which have less impact and are less pronounced than the yearly cycle, but is part of your total overall experience nevertheless. Find your Personal Year Number listed below. Then read your Personal Month Number. This is what you will experience this month. Don’t know your PY Number? Click on this link. 

1 Personal Year
 – 5 Personal Month

If you are in a 1 Personal Year, April is a 5 Personal MonthNumbers 5
Work on adapting and embracing change.

April brings change in many practical areas of your life and could be reflected in your career, a relationship or a change of residence. There could also be opportunities to travel. Whatever this change is, this month promises to be exciting, dynamic and even a bit hectic. Therefore, it does require flexibility and a willingness to accept change as it happens.
Favorable days are the 5th, 14th, 23rd

2 Personal Year – 6 Personal Month

If you are in a 2 Personal Year, April is a 6 Personal MonthNumbers 6
Work on matters of the heart.

Matters of the heart and romance are highlighted this month and are at the top of your priority list right now. However, on the other hand, April can bring instability to relationships that have worn themselves out and some may end. You become aware of the need to let go of certain people, however final endings may not happen until July or August.
Favorable days are the 6th, 15th, 24th


3 Personal Year – 7 Personal Month

If you are in a 3 Personal Year, April is a 7 Personal MonthNumbers 7
Work on self-reflection

April represents a pause for self-evaluation and self-reflection. It is a time of light and shadow, and a month of contrasting moods. You may alternate between light-hearted optimism and periods of doubts and melancholy. This month requires you to look within for the answers. Mediation and self-reflection will do wonders for your mood with the power to awaken deep feelings of gratitude for all the blessings you have. Stay soul centered and you will discover what you need to know.
Favorable days are the 7th, 16th, 25th


4 Personal Year – 8 Personal Month

If you are in a 4 Personal Year, April is a 8 Personal MonthNumbers 8
Work on the management and organization of your life.

April promises to be rewarding financially as well as in other areas of life. There is a catch though; it is essential to take care of details, to be reliable, and to keep things organized. If you allow yourself to be careless in any of these areas, the results could be less than positive. Stay clear and focused.
Favorable days are the 8th, 17th, 26th


5 Personal Year – 9 Personal Month

If you are in a 5 Personal Year, April is a 9 Personal MonthNumbers 9
Work on preparing for a new adventure.

This month brings a certain amount of completion in both your personal life and career. It is a time to let go and prepare for new adventures. However, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the details, particularly those related to your finances. There are indications of up-coming changes in your work environment. Some sort of promotion is possible.
Favorable days are the 9th, 18th, 27th


6 Personal Year 1 – Personal Month

If you are in a 6 Personal Year, April is a 1 Personal Month
Work on opening yourself up to the new that presents itself.Numbers 1

There are new beginnings in several key areas of your life. You have more energy and are ready to implement some changes in your life. Demonstrate tenacity in your career and it will progress nicely. Start new projects. Take a chance. A 6 Personal Year often brings considerable financial gain, particularly in April or November. Matters of the heart can also come to some sort of climax.
Favorable days are the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th


7 Personal Year 2 – Personal Month

If you are in a 7 Personal Year, April is 2 Personal MonthNumbers 2
Work on balancing your emotions.

Now the pendulum swings back from the insensitivity of last month to heightened awareness, especially of others. You are aware of the emotional subtleties that lie beneath the surface. You take nothing for granted. Your wisdom and diplomacy will surprise people and prevent several situations from becoming explosive.
Favorable days are the 2nd, 11th, 29th


 8 Personal Year 3 – Personal Month

If you are in a 8 Personal Year, April is a 3 Personal MonthNumbers 3
Work on being creative and optimistic.

The events this month inspire creativity and optimism, as well as a need for flexibility and adaptability. Sometimes, the early part of an 8 Personal Year brings financial challenges and problems. If this is the case, April will be the most challenging time of the year. It is a testing time that forces you to confront your lifestyle and your priorities. With the right adjustments, you can put yourself on sounder financial ground.
Favorable days are the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th


 9 Personal Year 4 – Personal Month

If you are in a 9 Personal Year, April is a 4 Personal MonthNumbers 4
Work on persevering through the difficult times.

April will require plain old hard work. There is an intensification of the 4 vibration because it aligns with the 4th month of the year, so you must pay more attention to the details and be more dependable than normal. Your career is your top priority and requires much of your attention. This is a difficult month with frustrations and a sense of urgency. Perseverance is the key. There is another feeling that starts to move in and that is a feeling of being tired and ready to surrender. Your energy levels are lower than usual and this makes it hard to keep up. However, this is not a good time to slow down as opportunities are right around the corner. Stick with your original plan.
Favorable days are the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st


Until next month, follow the vibrations of all universal energy. Let the vitality and sparkle of energetic vibrations flow over and around you. Sync with it so that it works for you.

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