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New Moon in Capricorn

“Cast an intention with all your might for the winds of change will blow strongly tonight.”

New Moon in Capricorn January 9th or 10th depending on where you are in the world. This New Moon in earthy Capricorn has the potential to awaken our ambitions, our sense of time limits and the need for order. Capricorn represents climbing steadily towards all goals. Capricorn is an ancient earth sign providing wisdom and integrity of all movements we make. It’s knowing when to move, when to stop and regroup,  and when to take those actions steps. The vibration of Capricorn symbolizes the framework through which we construct, engineer and organize our life. During a Capricorn New Moon we are not afraid to put in a full day at the office. We know what it takes to get to our destination and our determination levels are at their peak. It’s time to be rugged, so put those nail files away and don’t worry about the manicure right now. Put your shoes on and climb to the top of your mountain and inhale the fresh, clean air, which will trigger a positive response within.

The entry of this New Moon in the U.S. arrived on the 9th which aligns with the Universal year of 9 energizing and joining forces with the qualities of spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom which is what a New Moon brings in. We have a higher perspective at this time, intuition is stronger and as we cast our intentions into the ethers and the vapors toward the New Moon, we see expansiveness for ourselves. This New Moon in an earth sign gives us a boost of energy and motivates us in the area of career and responsibility which is a 9 vibration.

New Moons Wishes – “Setting Your Intentions”

Ok so are you ready to get your pen and paper out and write your “New Moon Wishes” letter and cast your intentions with all your might!! Seed anything you want to accomplish by the end of today. Seeds good for 28 days. See what manifests by the next Full Moon on January 23-24.


Each New Moon is part of the birthing cycle of the Moon’s phases. A New Moon cycle represents the perfect time for planning and setting your intentions. Just as seedlings require a period of gestation before they break through the soil, so do our ideas, desires and wishes.  By setting some time aside during the New Moon Phase to focus on your wishes and desires, you create a process to manifest and bring forth your desires in the future.

A New Moon Ritual represents that magical time of new beginnings and is a great time to recharge goals or set new ones. New Moons represent imagination, fertility and growth and it’s the perfect time to allow these energies to support you. A New Moon Ritual brings meaning to our lives by charging an intention with power.

  1. Gather your sacred supplies and objects – crystals, candles, coins, photos, feathers
  2. Place them in a special place such as an alter, cabinet or some place that has meaning
  3. Clear any negative energies from your space by burning sage
  4. Clear your mind with meditation
  5. Play calm meditative music
  6. Light a candle
  7. Meditate a few minutes before you begin writing
  8. Ground yourself so that you stay connected to the earth’s energy
  9. Think of what you want to draw to yourself


There is power in visualizing and in the written word. When you hand write your desires, they carry more weight and have more power than they would if you type them out.

  1. Make a list of what you want to draw in or manifest – the sky is the limit, so don’t hold back!  But no more than 10 wishes otherwise you dissipate the energy. What is it you want to manifest? Is it love, a relationship, career, work, a business, a business project or the desire to have a child?
  2. Be thoughtful in this process, so consider carefully what it is that you want. Draw on your dreams leading up to the New Moon.
  3. The New Moon is your moment to conjure up or create what seems out of reach.
  4. Creating the vision is the first step, so the power of your thoughts translated onto paper is the perfect vehicle. This is when you set down your desires with intention.
  5. By doing this, you are making a commitment to make your intentions real. You are co-creating with the universe to execute your plans.


In order to be successful, it’s important to keep your New Moon wishes where you can see them. Your intentions must be visible so that they are kept in your awareness zone. So for example, keep your New Wishes on your alter, your journal, your desk or your day planner where they are visible daily.


Focus on your New Moon Wishes until the next Full Moon. This is when there is opportunity for manifestation to occur. The key is to be open to what form the manifestation takes.. For example, a desire to have a relationship may show up as a new friend; a desire for a raise may appear as money received through some source personal to you. Be open and stay flexible – remember that the universe sends us exactly what we need just at the right time it is to appear. Your New Moon Wishes, when made over an extended period of time, will come true, unless your wishes are a challenge to your Life Path or Destiny numbers. Be grateful for whatever results your New Moon Wishes produce and don’t forget to say “Thank You” to the universe.

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