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First Mercury Retrograde for 2016 occurs on 1/5 – 1/25

All of Mercury Retrograde dates for 2016 are in Earth Signs.

Boom! Pow! It’s no sooner January of 2016 and we are celebrating the New Year when we go into a Mercury Retrograde cycle. Interesting and mind-boggling at the same time. But yet here we are. This year all the the Mercury Retrograde cycles are in the practical and grounded earth signs which I think will help us keep our feet more firmly planted on the ground than we did with all MRx air signs in 2015. Air has the tendency to spiral and spin out of control. Earth signs help us to take things at a slower and more thorough pace. Four Earth MRx cycles in 2016 can help us to build our empires, plan things down to the last detail with one eye on preparing for the future.
When Mercury retrogrades in an earth sign it means that you need to be very practical when looking for solutions or resolutions. and strictly adhere to financial and time constraints. Money can be both the problem and the answer. It’s best not to come up with pie-in-the sky ideas or any plans that have a lead-balloon affect.
Mercury begins it’s retrograde motion in Aquarius on January 5th, then goes into retrograde motion in Capricorn on January 8th through January 25th.  This first retrograde of the year is in a Universal Month of 1 and can negatively activate our assertiveness and initiative if we allow it to. During this time our thinking is turned inward, but this is also a great time and opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde to review, rewind and rethink any issue that may be bothering you. 
Message of a Capricorn Mercury Retrograde 

When Mercury is Retrograde in the earthy, patient and persistent earth sign of Capricorn, this is the time to be practical, to actualize your goals, be self-expressive and ask for what you want. This is also a great 3-week period for achievement. We may feel a certain emotional detachment, but then detachment helps us to get going and get things done and complete tasks. Three crucial aspects for dealing with a Capricorn Mercury Retrograde = Persistence. Efficient. Perseverance.

The 4 keys to navigate Mercury Retrograde successfully:
  1. Review the information
  2. Revise your perceptions or plans
  3. Rework your interpretation
  4. Recharge yourself


Stay positive and remember to rework the energy when things go awry over the next three week.

Until next time, I send good universal vibes your way…

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