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Week 42/6 of 2015 using the Gilded Tarot Deck

Two of Cups


The Emperor Gilded Tarot

High Priestess GildedLovers Gilded






Key Card for Week 42 = 2 of Cups
4 Represents the Emperor
2 Represents the High Priestess
6 Represents the Lovers


I am primarily a numerologist, but I do find that Tarot philosophy is a further dimension in understanding the numbers. The Tarot keys symbolize ways of determining the strengths and weaknesses of the vibration of the forces of life in relationship to numbers.  So what I am attempting to do is to assess the vibrations of the week based on the current week’s actual number, and show you how the actual numbers of the week tie in with and correspond to the Tarot. As you can see from above, this week we are in the 42nd week of the year. If you take the number 42 it adds up or reduces to the number 6 (4 + 2 = 6) so it becomes 42/6. Therefore the vibration this week centers on number 42 (the key card) and then by breaking it down further, 42/6 gives us the vibrations of 4-2-6 for the week. Tying in Numerology with the Tarot is simply another layer in understanding the larger universal energies and the laws of the universe and our relation to these laws.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck and it’s broken down into the two sections, the Major and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana comprise the first 22 cards and represent important milestones, major changes, events beyond our control and spiritual growth. They relate a story of our lives, of how we are constituted and what our possibilities are

The Minor Arcana comprise the remainder 56 cards and represent events, situations or people related to everyday life. More importantly, the Minor Arcana represents  aspects of your life over which you have control. These minor keys explain the many phases of human life and symbolize ways to face our dilemmas.

I love and use the Gilded Tarot Deck created by Ciro Marchetti in my work, so this is the deck that I will be using to compare the number vibration of each week to the Tarot because Ciro follows the tradition of the Ryder-Waite Tarot deck, but his illustrations are much more visually attractive. So without further ado, let me tell you about this weeks vibrations using the Tarot symbolism.

Week 42 of 2015

First of all the whole theme this week centers on love, relationships and partnerships with the 2 of cups and the lovers featured prominently in this week’s spread. So there is natural bent toward relationships and partnerships of all kinds. There is no forcing it this week, it simply occurs naturally with the vibration of these numbers in the equation.

The Breakdown

The key card for week 42 is in the suit of cups and cups represents our emotions, love, relationships and partnerships. The 2 of cups is about a relationship with the opportunity to partner up with someone this week either in a romantic relationship or a business venture.There is a beautiful energy and vibration with this card bringing union where there was none, or reconciliations if there have been disagreements or quarrels. It’s all about bonding this week in the arms of love and partnerships.

The Emperor (4) represents authority, leadership and stability. This week you have the ability to create an environment that allows proper functioning whether in home, workplace or relationships. It’s about creating healthy boundaries and stable conditions in all of your surrounding spaces. When you do this, you are able to generate a life of peace and stability. This 4 Emperor energy will be with us universally for the next 7 weeks, so there is plenty of time to create this kind of healthy lifestyle. Set your intentions.

The High Priestess (2) represents secrets, the unknown and tapping into intuition. This week secrets are revealed to you or mysteries are solved. It’s really about a kind of inner awareness or knowing that you sense about yourself. It’s like you are finally waking up this week to what you’ve always known, but did not really act upon. Pay attention to what your intuition is trying to tell you and recognize this as a different way of knowing. Take your inspirational ideas and messages that you receive from your unconscious and put everything into action.

The Lovers (6) represents love, relationships and making a choice in love. Everyone always loves to see this card because it is such a yummy and inviting card since relationships are so primal and very important in terms of personal growth and  the developing of human relationships. When you look at this card, we see what we desire and want to experience. Relationships are a natural part of the human condition. So this week, you are being invited to allow a relationship in, or one to grow and develop and/or making a commitment to an existing relationship such as taking it to another level or even proposals and marriage. This week it’s all about personal growth and challenges as we seek to harmonize the self with another. The focus is on  bonding, commitment and contracts.


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