To find out how your numbers are affecting you during these tumultuous times, I suggest a Numerology Forecast Reading for the next 12-months. If you want to go deeper and discover more about yourself and how to navigate these changes that are affecting you personally, I suggest a Primary Essence Natal Chart reading. I am available for one-one in person sessions either in Berkeley or at Open Secret Bookstore on Fridays. Other options are via Skype/Phone. Please click here to book your session.  I look forward to working with you to help you Discover who you are and why you are here through your numbers.

cropped-me-on-1-28-13-at-9-33-am1.jpgKathleen Lamoureux is a professional numerologist and soul life coach with aver 20 years of experience reading numbers. Sign up for her FREE Newsletters by clicking on the link in the menu bar.