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September The Month of 9


September vibrates to a 9-8-8. The humanitarian confronts the arbitrator


September vibrates to the ending and completion vibration of the number 9. Nine is the beginning and end of all human experience and represents the LESSON OF FORGIVENESS. The universal numbers trending in September are 9-8-8  (9 month, 8 universal month and 8 universal year). We still have the continued double activation of the number 8 carried over from August and 8 is a karmic number that plunges us into the depths of the mysterious experiences and the secrets of occult art and science. The number 8 represents authority and power and can guide and direct (not as the humanitarian as the 9 does) but as an arbitrator, regulator and the judge. All you have to do is look at what was going on in the stock markets last month with the double vibration of the 8. August was an 8 month in an 8 Universal year intensifying power, authority, strength, control and materialism. And in September we have a 9-8 vibration (9 current month and 8 Universal year) creating a Red Zone month where affairs overall, on the world stage and personally, will be challenging and difficult.


The main focus for the Month of 9 centers on compassion, kindness, keeping and letting go. Keep what works and let go of what doesn’t. September is a month of transition, understanding and being of service to others. Things come to a head this month and there is completion and fulfillment of many dreams. September is an ending cycle of experience that began 9 months ago – all the way back in January with a 1 month. September leads to the conclusion or culmination of what was begun way back then. We collectively are being led to a new and beginning cycle which arrives in October – the Month of 1. Life is a continuously in motion and resets itself like a clock. In numerology, there are 9 numbers that represent this motion or this clock so to speak.  Number 1 is the beginning cycle of experience and number 9 is the ending cycle of experience. For every ending cycle, new things are set in motion and there is opportunity to get moving in the direction we need to go. This is a favorable time to reassess and keep what is working and discard what  is no longer serving its purpose. As the saying goes Let go and let God, or Spirit.


WEEK 36 BEGINNING AUGUST 31st.  A 9-8 vibration is a challenging and difficult week. Red Zone – things are not in the flow. The 9-8 is difficult because the goals are so different and reflect the same general mood of the entire month with a 9-8-8-because the 9 wants to help others and the 8 is concerned with materialistic pursuits only. Not a good combination because the motivations of each vibration are so contrasting. Confrontations and power struggles are an issue and things generally don’t click. Just take a deep breath and try to get through the week without too much collateral damage.

WEEK 37 BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 7th. A 1-8 vibration is an up and down vibration and certain situations are not crystal clear. Things are in the murky Gray Zone. Things could work out, but are not as straight forward as you would like them to be and life could mimic a see-saw effect. One day you are up and the next day you are down. You will have to work for the reward. With the current mood in the world, September will most likely will continue in this vein in the stock markets as well. Venus went into Direct motion on Sunday the 6th, but it will take a few days for it to go fully Direct and things will improve in relationship status by next week.

WEEK 38 BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 14th. A 2-8 vibration puts affairs back on an even keel and things are in the compatible Green Zone. Things are emotionally more balanced after the last two weeks and financial and family affairs merge more cohesively. Relationships are steady and back on track. This is propitious as Venus finally settled into Direct motion on September 6th and it’s finally hitting the normal phase.

WEEK 39 BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 21st. A 3-8 is a testing and demanding vibration and in the contrary Red Zone. There is such a dichotomy between these two vibrations and not only are they quite different, but they are entirely opposed to each other in so many ways. They have two completely different personalities and things can get out of hand if things are taken too personally and there can be misunderstandings. If you take the 8 and cut it in half, you see a 3. This week will require extra effort so be prepared.


Watch these days in September as they are days where there is an escalation of the 9 energy which connects us to compassion, tolerance and kindness. Green Zone – things are in the flow. Use these days to manifest money, partnerships, career moves and business projects.
3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th, 30th,


These are the days in September, on the world stage and personally, where the energy works against an 9 vibration. These days can test our abilities, be disruptive and have a negative impact. Red Zone – things are challenging and difficult
4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 16th, 22nd, 25th


These are the best days for any kind of financial or property matters. 1st, 5th, 10th, 14th, 19th, 23rd, 28th


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