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JuneThe month of 6 

June vibrates to the energy of the loving and protective 6. The universal experience in June will be one of responsibility and obligations to family matters and relationships – including to yourself.  There can be many things that you can do that will bring about personal progress, growth and advancement in areas of relationships, family matters and community responsibilities. This, in turn, creates inner satisfaction, joy and happiness. We are at the tail end of Mercury Retrograde which ends officially on June 11th, but give it 3 days after until it’s fully dissipated. Then things will magically move forward.

The universal frequency of June 2015 resonates to a 6 -5 – 8 representing the experience of harmony and change producing opportunities in matters of business and finance.

In June we are in weeks 23, 24, 25, 26

Week 23 beginning June 1 – With a 5-1 vibration, there is so much variation and action this week that it will be difficult to tell where things begin and when things actually change direction. It’s a lot of energy to handle, but the good news is that things are in harmony in relationship to promoting yourself and your new ideas. Stay versatile and resist the urge to be restless or nervous. Go with the flow.

Week 24 beginning June 8 – A 6-8 vibration intensifies issues of commitment and faithfulness. This escalates power struggles so there could be difficulties in relationships, business and money matters all week. One reason that these issues are off track is that Mercury is still retrograding, creating havoc and doesn’t goes direct until Thursday the 11th, but has it’s grip around us until Sunday the 14th. Hang in there and stay calm and balanced. As usual, review, rethink and repair when necessary.

Week 25 beginning June 15 – A 7-6 vibration creates a situation where things are challenging because of a push-pull effect which has you scrambling. You really want to retreat within yourself to get a clearer perspective, but find yourself being dragged into relationship issues or domestic matters and may have to deal with issues of truth and justice. Stay centered and try not to dominate the situation or be headstrong. Think with a clear head and be logical.

Week 26 beginning June 22 – An 8-4 vibration plus a master 22 this week is attractive and enticing this week. Money, banking matters, real estate or construction come into play and has a major influence. If you were thinking in terms of building something massive or colossal, then this is the week to step up to the plate and do it. Think outside the box and create your masterpiece.

Favorable Days in June

Use these days to work for you in positive ways to organize and work out the details: 2nd, 4th, 8th

Use these days to work for you in positive ways to attract love and partnerships: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th

Use these days to manifest money, asserting self and career and business projects: 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 26th

Astrological Events in June

Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 2. Things blossom and are attained at the full moon. The Full Moon in Sagittarius ignites idealism, a sense of discontinuity, restlessness, a desire for adventure, a love of change and travel.  The 16/7 vibration brings in an intense energy today so be prepared for unforeseen and sudden events. Disruption and confusion dictates the energy today especially with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. There are elements of fire and combustion combined with disorder. It’s like a fire-water combination that goes out of control.

Mercury goes direct on June 11th activating harmony and peaceful negations. Whew! This would be a good time to rebuild positive relations after the snarky energy of the past month. You can resume negotiations or sign contracts, but I would wait until the 14th because the energy of any retrograde is in effect 3 days before and 3 days after.

Neptune is retrograde on June 12 through November 18th, Neptune enters a retrograde cycle on a 17/8 universal day. During this retrograde, people tend to focus more on fantasies, intuition and daydreaming . You may want to be somewhere else rather than be in the moment. There is a tendency to escape with addictive behaviors because Neptune has a 5 Expression number which rules dependency. A Neptune retrograde casts a spell on practical matters and there can be a temporary loss of inspiration and motivation. This retrograde cycle lasts until November, so use this time to go within by shedding a light on yourself and the reality of your situation.

New Moon in Gemini on June 16th  The New Moon is generally a good time to begin new projects or to initiate change. As this is a transitional phase, the new moon in Gemini causes you to be more are more changeable and out of sorts. Work on improving your social and communication skills. The 15/6 temporary vibration creates indecision and you could be held under someone’s spell which limits your power and you could be manipulated. By understanding your own weakness or negative qualities, you can find a way out of your dilemma which leads to a spiritual breakthrough.

Until next month, follow the vibrations of all universal energy. Let the vitality and sparkle of energetic vibrations flow over and around you. Sync with it so that it works for you.

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