May the Month of 5 is going to be is going to be dominated by Mercury Retrograde which actually lasts 70 full days in the sign of Gemini so there will be much ado about communication issues. How we use our words and what we say is going to be the focal point of May.

Universal frequency of May resonates to 5 – 4 – 8 representing the experience of change and discipline ushering in more financial security.

Astrologically, there is a Full Moon in Scorpio today on May 3 on a 16/7 universal day creating disruptions. So this can be a difficult energy day in relationships and any kind of sexual issues or addictions. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars’ influence brings out strong passions and Pluto shows very strong desires. People often become aggressive, critical, impatient and moody while the Moon is in Scorpio. There is an increase of intensity and a heightened sensitivity to personal offenses and insults.

Mercury the planet of communication begins it’s quarterly twist backward and actually goes retrograde on May 18. This is a 22 universal master day vibration so we can either stand tall and live up to self-mastery or fall short and self-destruct. The message of 22 is about finding balance and seeing things from another perspective by meeting all challenges with confidence to handle issues especially as they relate to communication. Use your voice and your words properly.

The Month of 5

5 is always an interesting and intense vibration. On one hand it brings necessary changes and can be fun and exciting, but it is also a rowdy and undisciplined vibration. Expect the unexpected, turbulence and challenges because it is unsteady due to the configuration – it rocks back and forth and does not sit idle. It can be a bad-boy vibration. Therefore in May we can break out of routine and habits and escape stagnant conditions that have held us prisoner. We can be set free – especially addictions or selfish behavior. Change is the keyword in May and some sort of movement is big on the agenda. There can be more opportunity to travel, to move in a work or career setting or perhaps you will change residences all together. But don’t get so complacent that you don’t plan for the unforeseen. Be prepared for the unexpected because there could be sudden and abrupt situations especially with the influence of Mercury REtrograde most of the month. CHANGE – the official stamp of the 5 – is about REfining, REshaping, REvising, and Revamping. Don’t sign contracts or make major purchases this month. Don’t begin new projects, but finish up on what has been placed in motion.

In May we are in weeks 19, 20, 21, 22

Week 19 beginning May 4 – Mercury is officially going retrograde on the 18th, but it’s shadow side actually enters in this week beginning on the 4th causing projects to be stalled. Therefore, this is the week where there is opportunity to breathe life into current projects and get things right. You find yourself more motivated than ever to get going on things where you felt stuck. This week there is ample opportunity to make some sort of career or business move on a path more in alignment with who you are and your current goals. Finalize details of any contracts or negotiations but don’t sign on the dotted line until early next month.

Week 20 beginning May 11 –   I can’t emphasize enough the difficult Mercury retrograde phase this month due to it’s early shadow side entry on April 30, so there can be more than the usual delays, miscommunications and transportation issues.  Conversations can be more dramatic and tense this week. We are experiencing a 2 vibration this week so the need to be diplomatic is more important than ever. Find truces through peaceful negotiations. Now is the time for compromise. Work out all agreements in a fair manner worthy of great understanding. Balance is key. Find the middle ground.

Week 21 beginning May 18 – Mercury is officially retrograde on the 18th (a 9 day ruling human emotions and feelings) and the Sun officially enters the sign of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. The emphasis is on communication  during a 3 vibrational week which also commands anything to do with the exchange of information or news, either directly, by letter, telephone, internet, or text can be challenging and difficult. Anyone in the fields related to the fields of broadcasting, i.e. public speaking, television and radio could be more affected than usual. Use your words carefully and think before you speak. You never know who is listening. Remember Brian Williams faux pas???

Week 22 beginning May 25 – The 22 master vibration rules the energy this week which creates opportunity to build something of value in relationships and partnerships. You can either forge a path of greatness or self-destruction. The message is about seeing things from another perspective and meeting all challenges with confidence. Let go of expectations and follow the journey through to the end. Use unconventional methods and think global.

Favorable Days in May

Use these days to work for you in positive ways to organize and work out the details –> 2nd, 4th, 8th

Use these days to work for you in positive ways to attract love and partnerships –> 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th

Use these days to manifest money, asserting self and career and business projects –> 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 26th


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