Happy May Brilliant and Sparkly Beings!
Here is your May 2015 Personal Numerology forecast


May vibrates to a 5-4-8. The experience of change and discipline will bring in more financial security.

Find your Personal Year Number listed below. Then read your Personal Month Number. This is what you will experience this month. Don’t know your PY Number? Click on this link.

1 Personal Year

If you are in a 1 Personal Year, May is a 6 Personal Month
A 1-6 is in the Red Zone. Action confronts affection

Love is a very strong possibility in May but does require commitment and unconditional giving on your part. This month it’s about taking responsibility and a willingness to devote time and energy to the needs of others. May could bring friction situations to the surface that will need to be dealt with but be careful how you approach matters. Confrontations never work, so best to tackle issues delicately. Favorable days are the 6th, 15, 24th

2 Personal Year

If you are in a 2 Personal Year, May is a 7 Personal Month
A 2-7 vibration is in the Red Zone. Intuition confronts impression

May leads to powerful self-discoveries and intuitive perceptions so this can be a highly spiritual month for spiritual discoveries. You may desire to withdraw and place your focus inward to contemplate the mystery of your own existence. May is a good month to discover your purpose in life and find your direction. Get a compass and chart your map so you know where you are going. Favorable days are the 7th, 16th, 25th. 

3 Personal Year

If you are in a 3 Personal Year, May is a 8 Personal Month
A 3-8 vibration is in the Red Zone. Expression burdens effort

This month can bring in financial rewards as well as recognition. However, rewards and recognition is proportionate to the effort you have put out during the year. This is an excellent month to focus on your career, or for those who are in business, this is a good time to finalize deals and sign contracts. Challenges arise when it comes to making personal commitments, so you might want to hold off until next month when the vibration is more positive. Favorable days are the 8th, 17th, 26th 

4 Personal Year

If you are in a 4 Personal Year, May is a 9 Personal Month
A 4-9 vibration is in the Red Zone. Effort strains expansion

Some person has let you down or disappointed you in some way and you have finally realized that this is not just a temporary disappointment but the conclusion of a relationship or a way of being as you knew it. As a way of healing through this loss, this would be a good time to get involved in causes or supporting charities that resonate with you. Involving yourself in things outside of yourself can prove to be rewarding and those you help will benefit. Favorable days are the 9th, 18th, 27th

 5 Personal Year

If you are in a 5 Personal Year, May is a 1 Personal Month
A 5-1 vibration is in the Green Zone. Change supports action

May brings in a sense of freshness or a new beginning in your personal life and career. You feel more energetic and decisive than you did last month. This renewed sense of energy will help you cope with the hectic pace this month brings. This is a time of opportunity but you need to adapt quickly to changing situations and circumstance. There can be some opportunity that will help move your career forward, but it does require courage and the willingness to sacrifice some of your short-term goals. Favorable days are the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

6 Personal Year

If you are in a 6 Personal Year, May is a 2 Personal Month
A 6-2 vibration is in the Blue Zone. Affection supports effort

This month focuses on harmony and diplomacy in all relationships, including the work environment. You are more sensitive and aware of the feelings of others than you were last month and you will be called upon to use those abilities. You could find yourself in the role of mediator in order to maintain harmony in the workplace. Become a hard-nosed, but diplomatic negotiator. Find balance between tact and sensitivity on the one hand, and persistence and conviction on the other. Favorable days are the 2nd, 11th, 29th

7 Personal Year

If you are in a 7 Personal Year, May is 3 Personal Month
A 7-3 vibration is in the Red Zone. Impression confronts expression

This is an excellent month to take some leisure and/or personal time off. At the very least, take a mental health day (or several) in order to get in touch with the inner you. Take time to daydream and ponder. You sense changes on the horizon but feel you are in limbo, waiting for events to provide a new direction. This would be a great time to seek wise counsel and get the perspective and insight from others. Favorable days are the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th 

8 Personal Year

If you are in a 8 Personal Year, May is a 4 Personal Month
A 8-4 vibration is in the Green Zone. Power supports effort

May is a month of hard work, progress and opportunity. As with most of the year, the focus in May is on career and finances. There may well be a great opportunity that comes your way. This opportunity offers all kinds of changes, such as a move of residence (June or November), a work/business change, or a promotion. The early part of May can be frustrating due to the need for routine and taking care of details which can cause you to feel bored and restless. However, when you are more organized and manage your time well, it paves the way for opportunity. Favorable days are the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

9 Personal Year

If you are in a 9 Personal Year, May is a 5 Personal Month
A 5-9 vibration is in the Blue Zone. Action favors expansion

May finds you in a restless and impatient mood. Your energy is scattered and you are ready to make a big step forward. A move of residence, travel or work change will bring inspiration. You are at an important stage of your life where you feel a bit in limbo, but you also know that a change for the better is imminent. You feel excited and confused all at the same time. You do not really understand what is going on, and the motivations that have guided you for many years now seem outdated. You question your underlying values and desires and you feel a loss of direction. Your best approach is to wait things out, so it’s important not to begin new projects unless you are very sure you will follow through. Favorable days are the 5th, 14th, 23rd

Until next month, I send lots of love and good universal vibes your way. Remember that everything has a vibration and a frequency it resonates to affecting every single thing in its path. Follow the frequency.

Love Kathleen



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