Garden of heartsIt’s awesome April and the Sun is traveling in Aries igniting passion, enthusiasm and initiative all month so tap into the vibration and frequency of the 4-3-8 representing structures, communication, power and money. Saturn just went retrograde on March 14th all the way through August 2nd and represents delays and obstructions in these key areas. Time to reflect and review your life and address what is working and what is not working. (See more about this retrograding planet in the sidebar to the left.) The good news is that Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, goes Direct on Wednesday, April 9 (a ending cycle number) on a 3 universal day strengthening April’s 3 universal month status. Jupiter in Direct motion broadens our horizons integrating the benefit of good fortune and money. However, since Saturn will be retrograde, luck and expansion may be limited if not used properly or wisely. The key is to exercise caution and restraint – don’t go overboard with anything related to expansion in business matters or money issues. In other words, if you want to expand something, then have a plan with a good road map – otherwise you will experience fallout.

The 4-3-8 frequency will help you experience the ability to work on foundational structures. Discover how to open up avenues of communication with power and purpose.

The 4 Vibration

Overall this frequency forces us to pay attention in detail to the decay of eroding foundations such as relationships, partnerships, home, children, work, career and the actual structure of the home. So for example, if your home, apartment or condo needs a facelift or repairs, then this is the month to do it, otherwise expenses can increase. What is not working or in disarray will come under scrutiny and it’s important to pay attention to the most minute of details in order to get on top of the situation. Things or issues unattended will have to be taken care of, otherwise, the universe will step in on your behalf and take care of it for you – good or bad. The negative side of the 4 vibration is being too slow, having fixed opinions thinking your way is the only way, and confusion. This can lead to arguments and people bailing out of your plans (business or personal) that are not concrete and don’t have merit. One cannot produce a product or a plan out of thin air. An unsatisfactory situation is not always a negative thing and usually symbolizes what has been neglected – the cosmos will nudge and guide you towards your higher power and purpose. 

There can also be a specific sense of community and you may want to share in common interests or goals within the community because you feel responsible to others in some way. You are guided to assist your local neighborhood, or people in your locale in some way where you can and want to lend a helping hand in the bedrock of the general populace.

The 3 vibration

The number 3 represents communication, creativity and inspiration. What I see this month is an urgency to relay important information to others about issues that are out of balance within the infrastructure of basic foundations in a home or a business matter that is in jeopardy of deteriorating due to a lack of planning or detail. This intensifies the challenges of a 3-4 and the 3-8 vibration (Red Zone – difficulties.) The negative side of the 3 is the tendency to be flighty and unorganized which could repel those with a sense of efficiency (the 8).

The 8 Vibration

Number 8 represents issues of karma, power, money/finances, authority, control and business affairs. This year teaches you to work on the power of manifestation. You will receive exactly what you deserve during the karmic year of 8. It’s time to gain in all those areas, but it’s also a year to pay off old debts. Have the courage to stay in your power, yet be in integrity with yourself and others. Take hold and take care of all business and financial matters this year, otherwise they will take hold of you in a negative way.

In April we are in weeks 15, 16, 17, 18

Week 15 beginning April 6 – This week it’s all about relationships, and with the recent full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, finding balance in all aspects of relationships and partnerships is very important. Since Libra represents fairness and justice, something related to a business  proposal, partnership, relationship or work deal is up for review. Utilize the energy of the month of 4 this month and dial into the structure of the situation – is it working for or against you. If it’s a work deal, know what you are getting into and that whomever is in charge of this situation is planning properly. Is there an even distribution of workflow and are things happening in a timely fashion? If not, then perhaps it’s time to rethink and back out. The right partnership, relationship or situation will arrive when the timing is right. It’s called Divine timing.

Week 16 beginning April 13 – This is a week of investigation, research and discovery. Gain knowledge by going within and contemplating your future. Your visions and dreams have power, however, you must envision them. Have faith and trust.

Week 17 beginning April 20 – The focus is directing business activities or world affairs. Week 17 intensifies the 8 World Year vibration and can create tension or overreaction. Don’t be forceful or impatient.

Week 18 beginning April 27 – Something climaxes this week or there is finality to some person or situation. It’s all about culmination and  conclusions. What peaks, paves the way for something new to enter. Let it go and watch what comes back to you.

Favorable days for April

Use these days to work for you in positive ways in relationship to making plans and working out details –> 4th, 8th.

Use these days to work for you in positive ways in attracting love and working on partnerships –> 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th

Use these days to work for you in manifesting money, asserting your power or working on career/business projects –> 4th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 26th

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Until next month, I send lots of love and good universal vibes your way. Remember that everything has a vibration and a frequency affecting every single thing in its path. Follow the frequency.

Love Kathleen