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SaturnRxEvery planet has a number and in both astrology and numerology, Saturn is assigned to the number 8. Saturn symbolizes the first law of manifestation – limitation and to work out karma in the process. The number 8 represents power, authority, recognition, world affairs, strength, capability, working for a cause. Those who have an 8 Life Path, Destiny, soul or personality number in their numerology chart can experience an increase of this Saturn Rx period over the course of the next 5 months. When saturn is retrograde the keywords are delays, obstruction and restrictions. Therefore, during a retrograding Saturn cycle, there are a lot of barriers and hindrances. A Saturn Rx can affect:

  • ongoing projects
  • starting a new business
  • Real estate
  • Finances/Banking

This next 5-month period can create frustration because there is a sense of limitation and interference.

But again, it’s a time when these restrictions are put into play for our own higher good and for coming up with better ways to do things.
Green Zone Goal: This is actually a time to review all that may not be working or that needs to be changed, i.e., relationships, business plans, real estate projects, money issues. These all may need to be tweaked.
Red Zone Challenge: A Saturn retrograde slows down the activity so that better plans or strategies can be developed. This is for your protection.

Saturn has a personality number of 8 (the face one reveals to the world). This vibration is intensified right now because the number 8 rules power and money issues.
Green Zone Goal: Time to restructure and work on your money issues.
Red Zone Challenge: Do not make financial decisions or commitments between March 14th – August 2nd.

Saturn mirrors the world year number of 8 representing karma, finances, power, control, authority.
Green Zone Goal: It’s very important to reassess what you have thus far put into play or into the pot.
Red Zone Challenge:  Do not take on more of anything, but work on what you have already started. Do not sign on the dotted line or say yes to anything that you are not clear about.
Green Zone Goal: Reassess, reorganize, rethink

Natal Planets and Houses in Saturn

When Saturn is natally retrograde, this capacity does not function properly, making us insecure and unable to accurately assess what can realistically be expected in any situation. The most common flaw is the tendency to say YES when we should say NO, especially in activities and relationships ruled by Saturn’s house position.

– Lynne Koiner

I think it’s very important during a Saturn Rx is in understanding what planet or house your Saturn was in when you were born. The following link to an article written by Alan Oken is helpful, especially if you have Saturn natally retrograde as Lynne Koiner points out.


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