Universal Numerology Vibrations for Week 9 of 2015

February 23 – March 1, 2015 


Week 9 of 2015 ~ World Year 8

9-8 Vibration – The Aristocrats Meet The Entrepreneurs
The Red Zone – Power strains endeavors

 This week in numerology the first 9-week cycle for the year is completing itself and week 9 sets the tone because it represents the achievements, conclusion of projects and affairs coming to a head that that we began back during week 1. We are closing a cycle of experience which will lead to a new beginning next week when we begin a new 9-week cycle with a chance to start all over again. Endings prompt us to re-evaluate what we’ve accomplished. If you have not fulfilled your ambitions during this cycle, don’t worry or fret your little heart out. Simply evaluate what needs to be accomplished to get the job done by using the frequencies in your favor during the next 9-week cycle. If you want to fully discover how to utilize the vibration and frequency of each cycle to your advantage, order my Free e-book “The Journey of 9” today by sending an email to me at: thenumberscoach123@gmail.com.

This week we have an 9-8 universal vibration creating challenging and difficult situations all week requiring compromise and concessions. These two vibrations are similar to each other – both have lofty goals and big ideals, but operate quite differently from each other. The 9 brings people together with generous and magnanimous goals in mind, while the 8 bring people together in relationship to personal power, fiscal matters and material success. This frequency fails to connect to each other emotionally and spiritually, and tensions surrounding differences of opinion, lifestyle and ways of being clash with each other. Resolution is in finding the middle ground. The need to grasp the insights of others is paramount.

Monday February 23rd  is a a 15-6 universal day vibration. The need to be more discerning today around issues of money and favors is important. There could be some difficulty with a partnership or friendship where you may be having a difficult time making a decision. Or perhaps you need to say “No” more often instead of yes. Don’t place yourself in servitude if it’s not for your higher good. Use the protective nature of this frequency to help you find the truth of the situation. For in the truth, you find real love.

Tuesday February 24th is 16-7 universal day vibration. Sudden and unexpected events are in the picture today and there could also be difficulties in love relationships and you may feel isolated. The key is to not take any risks that you are uncertain about. This vibration is only temporary and tomorrow is another day and you can course-correct. 7 symbolizes the mystery of life so use thi frequency to help you ponder and reflect on next important steps to take.

Wednesday February 25th is a 17-8 universal day vibration. This frequency is favorable to draw power and determination to ourselves, so the potential for advancement and financial gain is strong all day. Emphasis should be placed on expansion and the development of business plans and banking issues. The world year of 8 supports and intensifies these aspects.

Thursday February 26th is a 18-9 universal day vibration. This is the end of a 9-day cycle which began with the 1 universal day vibration last Wednesday February18th. Today is where we take a moment and assess what has transpired over the last 9 days. Whatever projects, ideas, concepts, etc., etc. that started then, have now been carried through to completion. The focus today should be on (a) what is working and what is not, and (b) what to keep and what to let go of. There can be unseen forces at play in the hidden realms, so pay attention to your dreams for inspiration as to how to proceed.

Friday February 27th is a 19-1 universal day vibration. Your affairs make a fresh new start today. You are magically liberated from yesterday’s frequency and are emancipated from recent restrictions. Today you experience a new surge of energy What you do now sets the tone for the next 9 days. Eliminate and make necessary adjustments to achieve the desired results. Today’s frequency is perfect to take this kind of action.

Saturday February 28th is a 11-2 universal day vibration. Emotions and feelings have been strongly activated in February especially since Venus has been transiting Pisces most of the month and the frequency of 2 represents all relationship and partnership issues. Today you can find strong support from friends, partners or a family member to assist you with some situation or endeavor that you need help with or that you are trying to move along. Don’t go it alone because another pair of eyes and ears can certainly help your progress. Today it’s about gathering the facts, so be calm and patient as you wait for results. Don’t try to force things. The teacher will appear when the student is ready.

Sunday March 1st is a 12-3 universal day vibration. There can be a feeling of sacrifice or loss today that permeates your inner being. The need to release something that is no longer working is strong. By assessing what you need to let go, you create more room to receive.

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