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Universal Numerology Vibrations For Week 8 of 2015

 February 16 – 22, 2015


Week 8 of 2015 ~ World Year 8
8-8 Vibration- The Dynamic Duo Meet
The Green Zone – Cooperative Interaction

This week in numerology, we have an 8-8 universal vibration which is a natural match to each other, but the pairing of an 8-8 frequency creates an intensity and a certain ferocity merging power, strength and authority. It forces issues of world affairs, business ethics and strength of character. We need to stay in integrity in everything we touch, say or do under this 8-8 influence. This is a time we should solve problems and work for good causes, rather than create tension, overreact to situations and/or use excessive force. The New Moon on Wednesday brings a fresh start with the 1-8 vibration and is a great business combination.

Monday February 16th – The week starts off during week 8 of 2015 on a 17-8 universal day vibration. The 8 continues to reflect the World Year of 8 intensifying issues of money, power, authority, control. The frequency of the 17 attracts money, advancement and assistance from unexpected sources, so this is a very positive day overall.

Tuesday February 17th is a an 18-9 universal day. The energy slows down quite a bit today and there is the feeling of loss. This would be a good time to slow down the pace of your life and focus on some sort of healing issue either of the body or mind. Meditation is crucial.

Wednesday February 18th – Wednesday brings in a huge amount of energy with the second New Moon of the year in Aquarius (public affairs), the Sun enters the sign of Pisces (emotions and feelings), and the Chinese New Year begins the year of the Sheep (compassion) all on a 19-1 universal day. During a 19 vibration, there is a strong influence for love and marriage. The vibration of the 1 is representative of new beginnings and starting over, or forging new paths. What a perfect day for the 1 energy to arrive, as New Moons represent the time to begin new projects and/or initiate change. Today there can be a sense of urgency to make a quick decision to end something in order to move forward with plans that have been percolating, so take firm and decisive action! This is a very auspicious day to step out into the limelight in some way and manifest your intentions.

Thursday February 19th – Intuition and emotions are very intense today with the 11-2 universal day vibration. There could be something that you have to evaluate or there could be legal issues. You may be required to make a decision quickly or some issue will require decisive and direct action. The frequency of the 11 is an extremely intense and nervous vibration causing impulsiveness and rash behavior, so exercise caution and think things through. Cultivate diplomacy in all matters.

Friday February 20th is a 12-3 universal day and things may not be as harmonious as you’d like. A good day to change your point of view ,and examine things from another perspective. Is the glass half empty or half full? It’s all about your attitude. Think positive.

Saturday February 2lst is a 13-4 universal day and this frequency brings in transformative aspects of change and release. Time to get rid of conditions that no longer serve a higher purpose spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. Cut the cords and liberate yourself.

Sunday February 22nd is a 14-5 universal day and as you were releasing things yesterday, today you can embrace the new change of transformation. There is a newfound sense of freedom and you are released from the past. There is a strong urge to modify behaviors or control desires that may need to be reigned in.


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