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It’s Fabulous February!

The Month of love, light and happiness is here! And it brings in the powerfully positive vibration and frequency 2 1 8. If you stay tuned to this station all month, this is what you will experience. Here’s the breakdown:


February is the month of 2 in a 1 Universal Month in a world year of 8. This month began in a Mercury Retrograde in outgoing and expressive Aquarius. This is the  time to work on communicating with loved ones your true desires since Mercury rules all communication issues. Align with your heart’s desires by fully expressing yourself.

February Is The Month of 2

During a 2 month, the experience is one of working on or developing a relationship. All issues related to sensitivity and emotions are at the forefront now and agreements in relation to partnerships should be carefully considered. Arbitration or mediation issues can be experienced during February, so be considerate and tactful. An ounce of persuasion goes a long way.

February Is A Universal Vibration Of 1

(2 +  2 + 0 + 1 + 5) = 10/1. Number 1 teaches you to be independent, daring, outgoing and put yourself first. Move forward with confidence, but be aware that you are not too forceful or aggressive.

2015 is World Year 8

Number 8 represents karma, power, monetary issues, authority, control, business. This year teaches you to work on the power of manifestation. You will receive exactly what you deserve during the karmic 8 as it’s time to receive as well as pay off debts. Have the courage to stay in your power, yet be in integrity. Take care of all business matters.


The 2 1 8 frequency experience teaches you to allow your positive thoughts to steer you in a positive direction in all financial and business situations. Being optimistic will steer you in beneficial ways.


In February we are in weeks 6, 7, 8, 9

Week 6 beginning Feb. 2 – Find harmony in all relationships and partnerships. Be responsible to loved ones.

Week 7 beginning Feb. 9 – Find time to work on yourself. It’s all about inner growth. 

Week 8 beginning Feb. 16– Manifest your dreams. Take care of all business and money matters. Week 8 mirrors the 8 world frequency, so there is an intensification of the 8 energy. Be careful not to overdo and exercise caution in all business or financial matters.

Week 9 beginning Feb. 23 – Stop and clear the decks. Finish up what you have started before moving ahead with new projects.

Favorable days for February in the green zone

Use these days to work for you in positive ways in relationship to manifesting energy and asserting independence: 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

Use these days to work for you in positive ways in attracting love and relationships:  2nd and 11th

Use these days to work for you in manifesting money and/or a career coup: 8th, 17th, 26th.

Until next month, keep your frequency channels clear and free of obstructions. Haven’t read your personal February Forecast yet? Click here and see what frequency you are resonating to in February.

Sending good universal vibes,

Love Kathleen 

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