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Happy February Brilliant & Sparkly Beings!
Here is your February 2015 Numerology Personal Monthly Forecast


“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

– Mother Teresa 

In February the numbers 2-0-1-5 are activated representing endless love, high energy and taking action.

Find your Personal Year Number listed below. Then read your Personal Month Number. This is what you will experience this month. Don’t know your PY Number? Click on this link.

1 Personal Year
If you are in a 1 Personal Year, February is a 3 Personal Month

A 1-3 Vibration means that you take action and unleash your imagination. It’s where originality and inspiration merge. The 1-3 is a compatible frequency and is in the Blue Zone. Comfortable conditions prevail.

The focus this month is to work on getting your ideas or creative project(s) out there. Put more emphasis on communicating to others in your environment what it is you are trying to achieve because you have a gift with words right now, so choose them carefully and watch how they glide right out of your mouth – drawing in what you desire. Allow your “happy genes” to come out and play by connecting with like-minded people, keeping your spirits up and focusing on a happy heart. Your imagination is at an all-time high, so all creative efforts have a good chance of taking flight, especially since the experience of the 1 personal year is to begin new projects and be original. Stay directed but watch your ego. Keywords are imagination and optimism.

2 Personal Year
If you are in a 2 Personal Year, February is a 4 Personal Month

A 2-4 Vibration means that you must practice patience and work diligently on all goals. The 2-4 is a natural match frequency and is in the Green Zone where things are in the flow.

The focus this month is to concentrate all your efforts and apply yourself to all endeavors that are on your agenda or plate right now. Don’t take on anything new. February may be a month of hard, work but if you have a solid plan, are practical, and apply yourself fully to all projects, enterprises or ventures, everything you work hard for will really pay off extra special dividends – especially by June. But the trick is not to get too bogged down with so many details or be too exacting, which will only slow your progress. There is a tendency to get suck in the mud by being too serious, stern or humorless, so hit the “happy button” when this happens and refresh. Give special attention and consideration to all partnerships or relationships. Your keywords are practicality and determination. 

3 Personal Year
If you are in a 3 Personal Year, February is a 5 Personal Month

A 3-5 Vibration means that your strong inner-urge to express yourself opens up in unlimited ways. The 3-5 is a compatible frequency and is in the Blue Zone. Comfortable conditions prevail.

During a 5 personal month, the emphasis is on freedom and expansion. Opportunity and adventure are your favorite keywords, so be prepared because nothing is status quo as February brings in lots of change, new, exciting people, as well as stimulating situations. You are up for this much-needed and timely power boost, but be prepared for some possible turbulence as the energy this month could get a little chaotic, especially if you are not used to frenzy. You will feel more innovative than usual which enables you to get involved in activities outside of your normal comfort zone such as some public or local events. You are motivated in some way that is less restricting than the recent past. Some sort of movement is quite likely such as moving or traveling. Job or career changes often happen under the 5 vibration.. As long as you are resourceful and adaptable, the experience this month will be much more enjoyable.

4 Personal Year
If you are in a 4 Personal Year, February is a 6 Personal Month 

A 4-6 Vibration means that while structure is a necessary let your heart direct. The 4-6 is a compatible frequency and is in the Blue Zone. Comfortable conditions prevail.

This month, the focus is on relationships and domestic issues and you remember the value of commitment and responsibility. The vibration in February is about guidance of the heart and you could find yourself in situations related to family matters, children, in-laws or a love relationship. There most certainly is an emphasis on marriage, pregnancies and births for you or someone you know. Concern levels for others could be high, but fight the urge to control people or situations. Your role is to give sound advice, be a role model and share your good values. The trick is to guide without being self-righteous or having fixed opinions. Personal matters of the heart come to the forefront and romantic opportunities are available – if you are. Stay flexible and be open to all possibilities.. After all February is the month of Love. Your keywords are harmony and home.

5 Personal Year
If you are in a 5 Personal Year, February is a 7 Personal Month

A 5-7 Vibration means that while this is a high-energy year for you, this month you retreat and work on yourself. The 5-7 is a natural match frequency and is in the Green Zone where things are in the flow.

 During a 7 personal month, the theme is a pause for self-evaluation, contemplation and focused introspection. The desire to go within is stronger than normal, because you seek something outside of your physical self. Spirituality, religion and faith take on a whole new meaning and you seek knowledge, and some sort of faith-based discipline. Therefore you work on your inner-self. The meaning of your life and what you are doing with it is heightened and you may feel more distanced from others, and this is only a temporary vibration. February would be a great time to take up yoga, learn to meditate – or increase this activity. Outdoor activities are also very beneficial such as walking, hiking, or jogging – they create endorphins and will help clear your mind to produce a sense of well-being. Your keywords are action and discovery.

6 Personal Year
If you are in a 6 Personal Year, February is a 8 Personal Month

A 6-8 Vibration means that responsibility to others is important, but now you must focus on financial issues and coming into your own. The 6-8 is a compatible frequency and is in the Blue Zone. Comfortable conditions prevail.

During an 8 personal month, your focus automatically shifts into the power mode and all of a sudden certain things like your financial status, your bank balance, IRA or stock market accounts come into sharp focus and take center stage. There is a feeling of power and potential where you are challenged to take action and put things into motion. This month brings rewards and recognition in the career, business and financial sectors. A certain amount of aggressiveness is needed in order to succeed., but don’t let illusion interfere with reality. Your keywords are efficiency and organization.

7 Personal Year
If you are in a 7 Personal Year, February is a 9 Personal Month

A 7-9 Vibration means that spiritual growth and humanitarian concerns are highlighted. The 7-9 is a neutral frequency and is in the Gray Zone. You will experience ups and downs, so find balance in imbalance.

This month is an ending cycle and things are coming to a natural end or some sort of conclusion. The focus is to finish up all projects so that you can make a fresh new start on those creative and fertile concepts that have been percolating in your head for a while now. Analyze what needs to stay and what needs to go. Sometimes you have to have a cutthroat attitude and a 9-month energy is the time to clear out the old and make way for the new – get out your hatchet. Endings could involve a relationship, a friend or a job that has outworn their worth or value. Get involved in causes or endeavors that you find personally rewarding, such as helping out your neighborhood, your children’s school, or feeding the poor for example. Your compassion button is activated this month. Your keywords are Brotherhood and opportunity.

8 Personal Year
If you are in a 8 Personal Year, February is a 1 Personal Month

An 8-1 vibration means that the business-minded person and the self-motivator hook up and have their own power summit. The 8-1 is a neutral frequency and is in the Gray Zone. You will experience ups and downs, so find balance in imbalance.

This month your energy is surging and you feel much more in charge of your affairs. You assert your independence and feel more drive than recently. Your renewed energy and enthusiasm helps you to be motivated to take that big step forward – especially in your career and financial matters. There could be some reward or a promotion that brings in this exciting change. You literally are in a position to do and get whatever it is you want. The words “No” or “Can’t” are not even in your vocabulary. Be careful not to be overly aggressive. Don’t step on toes on your way to the top. Your keywords are energy and determination, but don’t dominate or be willful.

9 Personal Year
If you are in a 9 Personal Year, February is a 2 Personal Month

The 9-2 vibration means that your emotions merge with letting go and moving on. The 9-2 vibration is a neutral frequency and is in the Gray Zone. You will experience ups and downs, so find balance in imbalance.

This month you are awakened to many underlying factors related to your career and personal life. You are extremely intuitive and may experience psychic premonitions that can either help or hinder you, depending on how you handle your emotions and reactions to your feelings. If you allow yourself to open up, and be open to these experiences, and accept them for what they are, you will know what to do instinctively in all areas of your life – personal and professional. Pay attention to all signs and signals from the universe, such as dreams, numbers, symbols and animals, for they are there to help guide you to your highest potential.

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Until next month, I send lots of love and good universal vibes. Stay in the light ©


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