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Business-AngelWeek 4 of 2015
It’s Week 4 in an 8 World Year
4-8 Vibration – Discipline Meets the Business Angel
the Green Zone – Things are synergistic all week

This week focuses on determination and getting things done. The 4-8 vibration is all about perseverance, hard work and the ability to manifest your desires. This week you will come to know the meaning of blood, sweat and tears and you must be prepared to keep moving forward – so keep going. It could seem like a difficult climb up the mountain, yet with sheer determination you can attain all your goals. Your dreams are within reach as long as you harmonize with the natural rhythm of the 4-8 frequency.

The 4-8 Frequency is very compatible to each other and they work synergistically together creating cooperative efforts combining both energies. It’s where discipline meets the business-minded angel/executive. This is truly a fantastic week to pull yourself up from the seat of your pants and get what you want! Just be careful to now allow your lack of imagination to get in the way or be too demanding and forceful.

Until next week, stay in the light and I send good universal vibes…

cropped-photo-on-9-27-13-at-5-33-pm2.jpgKathleen Lamoureux
Numerologist and Spiritual Intuitive

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