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week 3
Week 3 of 2015
3-8 Vibration
Red Zone – Challenging Conditions
It’s a push-pull kind of week

This week focus on your communication skills and/or any issues related to  public relations, socializing, dialogue, announcements, letters or divulgence of any kind. It’s Communique’ 101 this week. Utilize your strengths in these areas, but don’t force yourself onto others or situations. Rather, let things evolve at their own natural pace and everything will get done. Get your message out into the world via any form of media, i.e. television, radio, newspapers and the internet. Use your “talking points” to assist you when articulating information.

The 3-8 vibration can have a push-pull effect, so be sure to reign in your tendency to want to exert too much pressure.

The late Dale Carnegie once said:

You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he be willing to climb a little himself.

Until next week, stay in the light and I send good universal vibes…

Kathleen Lamoureux
Numerologist and Spiritual Intuitive

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