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new_moonThe first New Moon of the year is today and it’s going to be monumental because it’s a SuperMoon on an 11 universal day activating a high vibration and frequency. This powerful New Moon sets our attitude and feelings for the rest of 2015. The New Moon begins a new cycle – it is the seed of the beginning lunar cycle and a time we can utilize to plant our own seeds of intentions and begin new projects.

Now this New Moon is in Aquarius on 1.20.2015 – an 11 universal day
(1 + 2+0 + 2+0+1+5 = 11). The first aspect of what makes this New Moon monumental today is because the number 11 is very magnetic and represents intuition and illumination activating our sixth sense and psychic insights. On top of that this is the fifth SUPERMOON in a row (closest to the earth with a stronger magnetic pull) so this turns up the clairvoyance dial a notch triggering intuitive messages from Spirit which in turn provides intuitive guidance, so pay attention to the communique’ you receive from Spirit, the third dimension and/or your angels. A New Moon in Aquarius represents self-expression and public affairs. The desire for the innovative and unconventional will be set in motion until February 18th, so this is a great time to make a bold move in your life and free yourself from restrictions that have held you back – emotionally, mentally or spiritually. There is greater opportunity with this New Moon in Aquarius to help you go public in some larger way.

Intentions. Take the time today to write down not only your intentions, but the intentions from your very soul. In numerology, the soul number in your numerology chart represent your secret desires and only you know what those desires are.  You want to make sure you are fulfilling those desires and living up to your fullest potential. Inspire yourself to motivate yourself so that you fully activate what you truly aspire to. Take advantage of this SuperMoon and imagine your future.

As always I send good universal vibes your way and send lots of love and hugs,

Kathleen Lamoureux
Numerologist and Spiritual Intuitive

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