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November 14, 2014

Activates A Universal 14/5 Day Cipher
14 – Focus on moderation in all areas
5 – Change and affecting change

moon-last-quarter1The last Quarter Moon cycle is the culmination of things we have experienced from the last Full Moon through to this Last Quarter. The Last Quarter Moon brings about illumination as we prepare for a rebirth. What new visions are trying to emerge? When you acknowledge your life and your work, then illumination follows and you know what to do and action will follow suit. Transformation happens. What is it that your consciousness wants to bring to your attention? What needs moderation in relation to career, relationships or social affairs? What needs to change? What kind of action do you need to take? These are matters that will determine your destiny today, so go with the universal flow of the 14-5 vibration. There are only 8 days left until the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 22nd which will usher in a new cycle and the influences in the coming lunar month. Today your mission is to focus on the aspects of maintaining your equilibrium and how to affect change.

Vibration of Number 5 – The cycle of Change is in the air. You can experience both adventure and uncertainty with this frequency. Make it your mission today to accept change and be willing to adopt new concepts of thinking. It may improve your attitude and the way you view life. Ask yourself this question: Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty?

886364_10200193853903406_98712294_oKathleen Lamoureux is a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Intuitive in Berkeley. She coaches her clients utilizing numerology and other divination tools to help, as she says, “Discover YourSelf” and in the process, helps them step into their power, discover their life purpose and get back on track by assisting them toward their authentic Life Path and Destiny. Kathleen believes that all numbers tell a story and are intrinsically linked to everything that happens in our personal lives and on the world stage. Book a coaching session with Kathleen today at http://www.numerologycoachkathleen.com