1392452_642149772483247_235715523_nMonthly numerology forecasting is a method to help you discover the energies or vibrations that are in effect each month comparing your Personal Month Number to the current Universal Month Number. Each month I take your Personal Month Number (PMN) and compare it to the current universal month number vibration using my 4-Zone System.

This information will help you navigate your current situation to improve your mindset or mood. This knowledge will provide you with a greater understanding of why certain months click and work and why other months are full of challenges, delays and obstacles. If a month is negatively aspected, or you have a particularly challenging month, please understand that this is most likely a temporary vibration, and the next month most likely will usher in a more positive vibration or energy.

Let’s take a look at your personal month number and compare it to November’s 9 universal energies. To use my numerology forecasting system you will need to know your personal month number and then read the corresponding Zone to discover which zone you are you in. Are you in the green zone, the blue zone, the red zone or the gray zone? The formula to calculate your personal month number is at the end of this article.

 November is a 9 Universal Month

The message: Work on completion and letting go of things, people or possessions that no longer serve you or your higher purpose


 Find Your Number – Find Your Zone

Comparing your PMN to November’s 9 Universal Vibration

If you are in a 3, 6 or 9 Personal Month, then you are in
The Green Zone – Everything flows naturally
You are resonating to a 3-9, 6-9 or 9-9 vibration
If your personal month number is in the Green Zone this month, it means that everything is in universal alignment and things are in the flow. Everything you have been working toward will shift in your favor and you will be rewarded for all your efforts. Success and gains are quite possible this month. Everything is at it should be. All systems are go and as they say to astronauts on the launch pad, “Houston, we have lift-off.”

The person in a 3 personal month needs to work on creativity or some sort of personal expression. Get yourself out there and don’t let your fears take over.

The person in a 6 personal month needs to work on family or relationship issues. Curb the desire to control or interfere with others.

The person in a 9 Personal month needs to incorporate some sort of healing service either for yourself or others. Get involved in the community. Discover the art of forgiveness and let go of unwanted things, thoughts, people, possessions.

If you are in a 1 or 5 Personal Month, then you are in
The Blue Zone – Compatibility and Comfort are key aspects
You are resonating to a 1-9 or 5-9 vibration
If your personal month number is in the blue zone this month, the energy is comfortable and mutual conditions and harmony is prominent. There is the potential for good interactions in all areas of importance – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The key is to recognize the possibilities and execute.

The person in a 1 personal month has lots of opportunity to lead the way for themselves and others by bringing originality and initiative into focus. Be decisive and take charge.

The person in a 5 personal month has the advantage to become freed up in some situation and to make any bold new moves to make things happen. Don’t stay stuck – move your energy and be progressive

If you are in a 4 or 8 Personal Month, then you are in
The Red Zone – Challenges and compromise prevail
You are resonating to a 4-9 or 8-9 vibration
If your personal month number is in the red zone this month, than there will be difficulties and many challenges for you. Nothing will be in the flow. All this means is that these challenges, delays or difficulties are there for a reason. Could be time to find more balance where there is imbalance. Good month to stop and think before moving ahead and get clearer on issues that require your immediate attention.

The person in a 4 personal month needs to focus on accountability and working hard. Be aware of any and all opportunities that present themselves. Concentration is key. There are no shortcuts.

The person in a 8 personal month needs to be aware of financial or business matters. Take control and be efficient. Recognize the value of money and good business ethics. Keep an eye on world affairs.

If you are in a 2 or 7 Personal Month, then you are in
The Gray Zone – Things are neutral and can go either way
You are resonating to a 2-9 or 7-9 vibration
When you find yourself in the gray zone, the energy can be up and down like a seesaw or just neutral where nothing is definite or concrete. The energy fluctuates daily and this vibration can be frustratingly positive or negative effect on you – nothing is conclusive. Thus, this is the nature of  the Gray Zone and no decision can be made until the energy shifts. It’s not black and white, but as they say “shades of gray” where nothing is clear in a situation. When in flux stay neutral.

The Person in a 2 personal month can find themselves working on arbitration issues in all relationships– personal or business-wise. Nourish your spirituality to bring your physical and spiritual natures into balance.

The Person in a 7 personal month needs to work more on analyzing situations very carefully. Investigate more and think outside the box. You will discover that all knowledge is power.

cropped-photo-on-9-27-13-at-5-33-pm2.jpgUntil next month, I send you good universal vibes…

Kathleen Lamoureux, The Numerology Coach
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 How to Calculate your Personal Month Number

Example is for someone born on March 9

 Step 1: Take your day and month of birth and add it to the universal year number for 2014 which is 7. Our example is someone born on the 3rd month of the year and on the 9th day of the month. The formula is:

3 + 9 + 7 = 19. Number 19 ultimately reduces to the number 1.
This person is in a 1 Personal Year cycle.

 Step 2: Add the Personal Year Number Cycle of 1 to the current month for November, which is 11 and then reduces to 2. So the formula is (1 + 2 = 3). This person is in a Personal Month of 3.

The Zone Result: The next step would for this person to compare their 3 Personal Month Number to the Universal Month number of 9. Therefore, in the month of November, this person would be in a 3-9 vibration and they would be in the Green Zone where things flow more naturally and evenly. Hallelujah!


  • All double-digit numbers are reduced to a single-digit number from 1 thru 9.
  • When calculating personal years, months or days, the two master numbers of 11 and 22 are reduced to 2 and 4 respectively. They are not used as Master Numbers in a forecasting cycle.