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AutumnIt’s a 9 Universal Month
“Rid yourself of things that are not essential to your task”

Universal Month of 9 – Work on Completion
Universal Year of 7 – Master Trust and Faith
Universal Month Zone Vibration is 9-7
Universal Zone is Gray – Things can be overcast

The Universal Monthly Vibration for November is 9. The number 9 is an ending cycle in numerology, representing conclusions or winding things up. i.e. people, projects, possessions. You may feel a sense of detachment to all these aspects in your life, but it’s very important to finish up what you started, so that you can move forward positively and receive the new and exciting vibration of the 1 that arrives in December. To feel detached is normal this time of year, because as the end of 2014 draws closer to the end, we begin to worry about what it is we did not do or complete this year. We feel anxious and possibly separated from who we are and what we are doing.

November is in a universal Gray Zone – We are in one of those confounding universal gray zones this month with the 9 universal month and 7 universal year – the 9-7 vibration. A part of us wants to go into our comfortable little shell and hide out, to contemplate, to relax and to observe our own life from another perspective or vantage point. We just may want to escape from reality, or from all the outside pressures and confusion that might be confronting us. That’s the influence of the 7. Yet we are being asked to do something physical and take action because we are in a 9 universal month cycle. We can’t be the introvert we want to be – we need to be in extrovert mode. There may be some pressing issue that needs attention, or we simply need to finalize something that was started way back in March when we were in a 1 universal month cycle. We may even have to end or discharge something or someone that we had an intense attachment to. We began certain projects, or people entered our life during the last cycle or two, or even three – depending upon your own personal situation. Now we have to bring “it” or “them” to a conclusion. There can be a sense of oppression and your energy may very well feel GRAY. You may feel a bit dull, lackluster and nondescript without as much zest or interest in your daily routine, project or activities as per usual. But this is not the time to give up. Take control by looking at all the little pieces of the puzzle and put them into place where they need to be, so that you can move forward. When you complete something or put an end to what no longer works for you, you will feel good about yourself. When things are finished, you can begin to feel whole and you come into balance – there’s no tipping point. The gray zone forces us to find stability in unstable situations.

Message for November – Trust in yourself and have faith that you are on the correct path, even if you feel unsure, insecure, anxious or hesitant. Remember that everything is as it should be at every moment in time. What you resist will persist, so utilize the energy of the 7 and be self-aware of what you are, who you are and the path you are walking. Analyze yourself and your situation carefully by seeking solace. Take the time to go within to meditate as often as possible and the answers will come to you. Then you will be able to take action and conclude the matter or pressing issues at hand. What you began will automatically come to a natural conclusion and things will synchronize without too much effort. To develop true power, focus on those things that need attention and rid yourself of attitudes and possessions that are not essential to the task at hand.

The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy

– John Galsworthy


Until next month I send good universal vibes…

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