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blue-rounded-with-number-8-hiIt’s October and it’s the Month of 10/1 representing new beginnings, independence, initiative, high energy, willpower, and incentives. So whatever new projects, or actions you began at the recent New Moon September 24th, this same energetic vibration is there to support you. So by all means don’t let inertia take over and get inside your head and/or take over. Get your mojo on and take action! Do something about your situation. Just remember those seeds you planted at recent the New Moon.

October is also a Universal month of 8, so it’s a powerful month ruling authority, authority figures, economics, money and anything related to business. In the negative greed, dishonesty, aggressiveness and economic/money concerns show up. Just look at what’s going on around the world stage. My concern is all the violence world-wide and our spirit and Mother Earth cannot keep up with all this negativity, and something is going to shift by the end of October in a dramatic way.

Two key aspects to consider during an 8 Universal month:
1. Mercury begins it’s retrograde motion in Scorpio from October 4-25 and it begins on a 12/3 universal day. 12 is the victims number, and Scorpio is the planet of death and rebirth because this water sign has an unstable and emotional nature. Therefore, it is always at war with itself. This 12/3 vibration on the day Mercury goes retro will play a critical role in the days events. Add to that 10-4 = 5 and we have a energy that brings about some sort of change and chaotic vibrations.

Continuing with Mercury retrograde, representing nervous energy and the Messenger of the Gods. This MRx ends on 10/25 – a 15/6 day. 15 represents the Devil in the Tarot and rules all the same things the Number 8 does, both positive and negative. Refer to Part 1) and see the parallels. Now 15 reduces to the Number 6 and this vibration is about commitment, family, friends, concern for others, is compassionate and loving. In the negative there is selfishness and instability. Ironically enough 10/25 (the end date of MRx) 1+0+2+5 = 8. So here we have another intensification of the Number 8 and there will be power struggles in all sectors – business, economic, health epidemics, terrorism and war related to the Number 8 and the two critical events of which I am speaking. This MRx is in Scorpio the planet ruled by Mars (ancient God of war) and Pluto representing the urge to transform, to regenerate bringing a rebirth.

2. There is a Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October the 8th (another intensification of 8). Aries is like a rushing force of fury when put to extreme conditions or tests which we inhabitants of the world have placed ourselves in. We are in a major test of Ego versus Spirit. This Full Moon Lunar eclipse activates a Grand Trine with Mars (ancient God of war) Jupiter (expansion of the higher mind) and Uranus (the urge to be free. Perhaps the evil that is prevailing).
The Full Moon Total Eclipse happens on 10/8 and (1+0+8) = 9. A Number 9 energy represents a death or an ending to a cycle that has simply outlived itself. Out with the old and in with the new.

Continuing with this Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse on October 8th, I do want to interject that the Moon is a beautiful thing and it’s hard not to stare at it as it waxes and becomes full. The general effects of a Full Moon bring about intoxication and a physical imbalance, because as it becomes full, there is a strong gravitational pull on the Universe causing our equilibrium to be unstable causing erratic and fluctuating moods. While The Moon is a force of nature ruling tides and rhythms of the body and oceans and is a culmination of the New Moon, it also represents illusion and deception. Meaning that things are not always what they appear to be even though at peak fullness it illuminates everything on earth – an Interesting dichotomy.

The final interesting number vibration of this day – 10/8/2014 – is that this will be a Universal 16/7 day. The number 16 represents major disruptions, sudden change, hard times and adversity. There could be some sort of cataclysmic event that we need to be prepared for. The Number 16 reduces to the Number 7 which is also the Universal Year Number. As I have been saying all year through my blog posts and through my Facebook and Twitter posts, 7 is the year that we truly need to have and integrate “Faith” – it should be your new buzzword.
In conclusion, the numerical vibrations of October, MRx and the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in October and the planets that are involved in these events are very telling of future events.

cropped-photo-on-9-27-13-at-5-33-pm2.jpgHave a great October. Stay in the light and pray for peace.
Blessings to each and every one if you.

As always I send good universal vibes.

Kathleen Lamoureux
The Numerology Coach

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