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numbersoftheuniverseNamaste! Just checking in with each one of you to see how the energy of the current numerical vibrations and astrological events have been affecting you. We are in a period of dynamic change and the experience is different for each person. The basic impact of these events is change, letting go and surrendering those things that are no longer useful or weak in your life. The main purpose is to Discover YourSelf in order to become your true and authentic self.

Depending on how certain  core numbers in your numerology birth chart align with your current transit numbers, it will determine how personally and deeply these changes affect you. As I said in my Weekly Forecast, you can see how numerology and the vibration of numbers impact world events and the violence that is currently going on. However, your personal experience may be one of pain and inner turmoil and being out of alignment on your Life Path (what you are and qualified to do) and/or not following your Destiny (your life’s purpose). The key is to be proactive and find out or discover what is off within you and/or whatever is stopping you from accomplishing your goals. There is an important message which I covered in my April 20 Weekly Forecast (in the sidebar) and it’s important to both understand and get the message, which is that we are being prompted by the universe and Spirit to grow and evolve. Take responsibility for what is or is not working in your life. If something is  not right for you, let it go. Something better will take its place.

9 Day Epicycles – We have had three 9 ending epicycles in April, so closure and conclusion was represented on the 7th, 16th and 25th all of which were 9 universal days. The last two ending cycle days were especially difficult as the one on the 16th was the day after the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra intensifying relationships and partnerships; and the last 9 epicycle today the 25th has created another shift as there is a letting go or release of something or someone you had an attachment to. It could also be a mental attachment like a belief that needs to be let go of as well. It doesn’t necessarily represent a person.

 13 Day Epicycles – There were four 13 Day Epicycles in April representing change, release and transformation occurring on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and the last one occurs on the 29th which is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses can bring about events where we re-evaluate ourselves, our relationships, money and possessions. Combine this with the number 13 and we have an intensification of change, release and transformation where the vibrational forces of number patterns and an eclipse force an end to conditions that no longer serve a useful purpose in our evolutionary growth. This is why 13 is associated with death. It’s not death in the ordinary sense, but in a spiritual sense to help free us toward our spiritual growth.

16 Day Epicycles – There were three 16 Day Epicycles in April which represent the unforeseen and sudden events which occurred on April 5th, 14th, and the 23rd. This last one on the 23rd paralleled and coincided with the Grand Cardinal Cross which created tense and restrictive events that have reached a boiling point. All you need to do is look at the news headlines and check out the violence, current tragic events and the financial industry to see how these events all correlate to both numerical vibrations and astrological events. The number 16 is associated with the Tower in the Tarot. Mars rules this card and currently Mars is retrograde forcing us to change our approach to all matters related to relationships and partnerships. Basically the keywords are change and awakening! Get it or be changed by events you have no control over.

Until next time, I send good universal vibes . . .

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