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6a0133f538e9e4970b01a3fbb8874a970b-800wiGet ready for an inner revolution and rebirth of the soul.
April promises to be a month of extremes with a rare and very powerful Grand Cardinal Cross between April 22-April 24 surrounded by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 15th and a Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 29th. These events promise to bring about a revolution at the core of our very soul.

Reading the Name Numbers for the upcoming GRAND CARDINAL CROSS did not surprise me one bit because there is a lot of very intense and powerful numerical vibrations that come into play with 4 bull planets (Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter) forming a square to each other next week creating this Grand Cardinal Cross.  All three name numbers of the GCC (Soul, Personality and Expression) vibrate to the number 9 representing a very strong message signifying that an important chapter in the course of history will be completing itself and has the potential to reshape things, people, places. It’s time to get on with making fundamental changes in both our personal lives and on the world stage. There is a bit of urgency indicated with this triple 9 vibration as these 4 commanding and dominating planets square off with each other to initiate major changes:

Pluto in Capricorn rules all government, politics and corporations. Mars in Libra rules volatility, justice and truth. Uranus in Aries rules freedom, rebellion and revolutions, and Jupiter in Cancer rules emotional and soul intelligence.

The keyword here is major. It is also interesting to point out that April is the Month of 4 with 4 dominant planets squaring each other, causing a retrograding motion of this intensified 4 vibration, and in this position the energy is extreme, contrary, stubborn, confused and unstable. The message is to change from within or forever be changed by outer circumstances from a greater force that we have no control over.

THE STAGE IS BEING SET THROUGH THE NUMBERS – This GCC is set to happen anywhere between April 22 and 24th

footstoolyk7April 22 – The number 22 is a spiritual master number reducing to the earth and grounding number 4 encouraging us to keep one hand in the spiritual realm and one foot on the earth’s plane. It’s a balancing act, but when we are able to distribute our energies between heaven and earth, we are more in tune with the natural cycle of life and can truly begin to manifest our highest ideas and ideals. The word MASTER has a name number expression of 22. The definition of Master and the number 22 is one who has the ability to gain control and overcome anything. April 22 also happens to be “Earth” day.

the-tower-gildedApril 23, 2014 is a 16/7 Universal Day and is represented by the Tower in the Tarot which is indicative of upheavals and beliefs that are not grounded in truth. It certainly can bring in bad situations that we might not be prepared for because it has the potential to bring about events that we knew might be coming – but did not act upon. There is a suddenness to the number 16 and while this card and number both represent destruction of the old, it does bring in necessary change and forces naked truth. This seems to be the theme of the times right now with several planets retrograding and the Grand Cardinal Cross peaking. Don’t ignore the truth or reality of your situation. See it for what it is and act or the universe will act on your behalf. The number 7 is the vibration that helps us along the path of our spiritual development. We either grow or wither on the vine. In other words, don’t shrink from or ignore the growth of your spirituality.

Gilded-Royale-STARApril 24, 2014 is a 17/8 Universal Day and is represented by the Star he Grand Cardinal Cross will be peaking on this day and adds up to a 17/8 Universal Day represented by the Star in the Tarot which indicates that there is much to be hopeful or optimistic about with these major changes and shifts from the 4 tough planetary task masters that are squaring right now. We can be certain that after this revolution of major changes and transition – when things have calmed down and we have adjusted to prevailing circumstances – our vessels will be replenished and our faith will once again be restored. The number 8 wields a lot of power and strength and there could be some difficult energy. A negative 8 vibration could create some force or some sort of upheaval around the globe, especially in financial sectors, or in your personal world. Try to remain peaceful and calm and go into meditation mode or simply go with the flow. 

tropical-watercolor-previewApril is a Universal Month of 11 in a 7 universal year and we are being asked to surrender to unseen forces and to walk between two pillars into the gateway of the unknown and to trust because the world as we know it is changing. TRUST = 17/8 mirroring the date of April 23rd. CHANGE = 27/9 mirroring the 9 in the name numbers GCC.  UNKNOWN = 31/4 mirroring the Month of April. The 11 universal month energy evokes the words of a Hopi Elder who told us about the coming of the Eleventh Hour. “THIS IS THE HOUR.”

Take good, good care of yourself and don’t think that you are alone during this time of transition. Call on your family and friends to help you with any difficulties you may be experiencing. Stay connected to your tribe.

Sending good universal vibes to you . . .

Kathleen Lamoureux, The Numerology Coach

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