Welcome to April – It’s an 11/2 Universal Month

“Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.”
~ Paulo Coelho

April is the Month of 4 and this 4 vibration helps us to focus on persistence, staying on course, having discipline and being honest with ourselves. It’s a much-needed grounding energy after the flighty energy during the Month of 3 we experienced in March where we may have found ourselves jumping from one thing to the next and had trouble focusing. The 3 is a beautiful and lovely number – it’s creative, communicative, connective and spiritual, but unfortunately can be unfocused and scattered. This month we Ground!

The universal month vibrates to a master vibration of 11/2 when you add up the current month plus the universal year (4 + 7) = 11. Number 11 reduces to 2. So both numbers (11/2) lend their vibration to the universal/global energies. The 11 infuses the power of intuitive intelligence and the 2 guides us to work on aspects of patience, tolerance and acceptance. With the 2, we have the ability to be more persuasive than usual and get what we want. All those in a 2 personal month will be feeling this energy even more.

The universal vibration for 2014 is 7 and this energy is accelerating rapidly and collectively within many people and events around the globe as the year progresses. 7 establishes the recognition of and acknowledgement of spirituality that is within us. The 7 energy presents us with opportunities to master trust and have faith. There are also mysterious qualities, and the unknown or secrets surrounding the 7 energy. We are seeing this play out with the recent disappearance of flight MH370 during a 7 universal year. Where is the plane and the passengers? That is still the question as I write this. I did write about this story as it relates to numerology, so if you are interested, you can click on this link. 

The Zone that April is resonating to on a universal/global level is a 2-7 comparing the current universal month energies against the current universal year number. These two numbers are in the Red Zone to each other. What this means is that this 2-7 vibration can have the effect of challenging us and putting us in difficult situations. There are snags, restrictions and setbacks. In addition to that, Mars and Saturn are retrograde. Mars in retrograde forces us to change our approach to relationship and partnerships of all kinds. Therefore, look at changing your approach to a certain situation you are faced with, and investigate how you normally approach that certain situation. Saturn in retrograde causes delays and interference. This would be a great time to review things that need to be changed. Watch also for April 15th lunar eclipse and grand cardinal cross as there can be a very sudden and powerful universal force or jolt out of the blue as both fall on a 17/8 universal day. 17 is a spiritual growth number. 8 is the number of karma “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

The message for April with a master 11/2 universal month vibration is not to doubt intuition or faith, but to see intuition as truth and faith as your beacon in a storm. When you go against your natural intuitive and instinctive processes and let the ego rule, the vibration will work against you because you are trying to reason it away. Trust in intuition, faith and spirituality is essential in April. That is the challenge of the 11/2-7 vibration.

Until next month I send you,

Good universal vibes . . .

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