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Monthly numerology forecasting is a method to help you discover the energies or vibrations that are in effect each month comparing your Personal Month Number to the current Universal Month Number. This information will help you navigate your life path a little better and provide you with a greater understanding of why certain months click and work and why other months are full of challenges, delays and obstacles. If a month is negatively aspected, or you have a particularly challenging month, just know that this is temporary and the next month most likely will usher in a more positive  vibration. To use my numerology forecasting system you will need to know your personal month number and then read the Zone you are currently in. The formula to calculate your personal month number is at the end of this article.

March is a 1 universal month in a 7 universal year

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”
~ Lao TzuMarch vibrates to a 1-7 and the energy, universally and collectively, is very positive because these two numbers are in the Green Zone to each other. So on the world stage, there will be a shift from the neutral energy we were in during February (where the energy was more muddy and unfocused during a Mercury Retrograde cycle) to a more upbeat, optimistic and productive vibration where all things, plans and actions come together more cohesively. You literally have the opportunity to initiate what you desire and dream of in March on a universal level.

The main focus in March universally is on new beginnings, starting over and forging new paths in conjunction with having and staying in faith. Faith is all there is and if you don’t trust or believe, then you will only be holding yourself back spiritually and can find yourself running in circles and going against what you know to be true or what you truly desire.  Honestly I can’t say this enough, but collectively we have to go back to our roots and the 7 universal year is the year of universal spiritual formation. This year we can begin to grow and develop our spiritual being with intentional and continued focus. That place where our internal (spirit)  and external (earth) beings meet and work together to guide us. In March we are guided to find the courage to step into changing direction or moving forward or by listening to your inner dialogue.

Find Your Number. Find Your Zone.

Each month, I take my signature 4-Zone System, which is comprised of 4 zones: green, blue, red and gray and compare your current PERSONAL MONTH NUMBER to the current universal month number. What is most important in using and comparing a monthly 4 zone system, is in understanding how the vibration of the current universal month affects your energy during each of your personal month cycles. There are 9 monthly cycles from 1 through 9 that we evolve through, which have distinctly different vibrations and resonate differently to certain number groups. Some groups are more compatible to current monthly energies and some are more difficult and demanding.Calculate your personal monthly number first (calculation guide at bottom of page) and then read the description of the Zone you are in. Please note that I have changed my format slightly this month going forward, and I am lumping the appropriate personal month numbers in 4 distinctive number groups and the associated zone.

Comparing your personal number to March’s 1 universal month number

If you are in a 1, 5 or 7 Personal Month, then you are in
The Green Zone – Full Speed ahead. Everything flows naturally
You are resonating to a 1-1, 5-1 or 7-1 vibration

If your personal month number is in the green zone this month it means that everything is in alignment this month and all the doors will swing wide open. Everything you have been working toward will shift in your favor and you will be rewarded for all your efforts. Success and gains are quite possible this month. Everything is as it should be and is in the flow and all systems are go.  This month you can begin to initialize new plans or goals quite effectively because you feel more in charge of where it is you are going and what you are doing. Your trust and faith levels are higher than normal because you have the courage and willpower to think outside the normal thought processes. You have both the ability and  opportunity to realign yourself with a growing inner awareness and understand that change is part of the landscape. Move forward. Be adaptable to change. Have faith.

If you are in a 3 or 9 Personal Month, then you are in
The Blue Zone – Compatibility and comfortable conditions
You are resonating to a 3-1 or 9-1 vibration

If your personal month number is in the blue zone this month, the energy is comfortable and mutual conditions for harmonious conditions exist. There is the potential for good interactions in all areas of importance – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. The key is to recognize the possibilities and then to implement. This month should be more tranquil for you because of the potential to expand your thought processes. You may suddenly have an epiphany that you need to be more responsible and in service to others in ways that are more meaningful and supportive. This is a transition phase where intuition meets the mystical. Be open to  growth and stretching in these realms. Let your creativity shine. Allow your voice to be heard.

If you are in a 2, 4 or 6 Personal month, then you are in
The Red Zone – Challenges and compromise
You are resonating to a 2-1, 4-1 or 6-1 vibration

If your personal month number is in the red zone this month then there will be difficulties and many challenges for you this month. Nothing will be in the flow for you. All this means is that these challenges, delays or difficulties are there for a reason. Could be time to find more balance where there is imbalance. Good month to stop and think before moving ahead and get clearer on issues that require your immediate attention. The challenge this month is to get a stronger foothold and be aware of opposing forces that come from the recesses of your mind. In other words, let go of any kind of structured thinking and focus on the Third Eye chakra. Then you can then begin to merge the mind with a higher level of consciousness – your 6th sense. Allow your 6th sense to connect you to your intuition and then you will know what to do. Find the virtue in patience. Discover how to be organized and pragmatic. It’s ok to let others help you with family matters. Let go of control.

If you are in an 8 Personal Month, then you are in
The Gray Zone – Things are neutral. Energy can go either way
You are resonating to a 8-1 vibration

If your personal month number is in the gray zone, the energy can be up and down like a seesaw or just neutral where nothing is definite or concrete. You may find that the energy fluctuates daily and can have a positive or negative affect on you.The Gray Zone is an indication that things are just in the middle and no decision can be made until you make up your mind. It’s not black and white, but as they say shades of gray where nothing is clear in a situation. This month your personal power and strength may not be fully working for you. Instead it’s in a holding pattern and – well just waffling. In order to be productive this month, you need to let go of all power and control, because you do not have control anyway – only God does. You will receive exactly what it is you are supposed to receive this month based on the effort and time you previously put forth. If you have sown wisely, you will reap recognition and rewards. There will be a lot of movement for those in the Gray Zone this month, so move and shift the energies where they belong. Truth is power. Stay in yours.

How to Calculate your Personal Month Number (PMN)

Example for someone born on March 9:

STEP 1:  Take your day and month of birth and add it to the universal year number for 2014 which is 7. Our example is someone born on the 3rd month of the year and on the 9th day of the month. The  formula is:
3 + 9 + 7 = 19
19 reduces to the number 1. This person is in a 1 Personal Year Number Cycle

STEP 2:  Add the Personal Year  Number of 1 to the current month of March which is 3. The formula to calculate the personal month number is: 1 + 3 = 4. This person is in a Personal Month Number of 4.

THE RESULT: In using my 4 Zone System, this person would be comparing their 4 Personal Month Number to the Universal Month Number of 1.  Therefore, in the month of March 2014, this person would be in a 4-1 vibration and they would be in the Red Zone.


(1) All double digit numbers are reduced to a single digit number from 1 through 9.

(2) When calculating personal years, months or days, the two master numbers of 11 and 22  are reduced to the numbers 2 and 4 respectively as they are not used as master numbers in forecasting.


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