red-rounded-with-number-9-mdFebruary 24, 2014

It’s week 9 of 2014
“And a cycle complete itself”

This is the 9th week of the year and represents the end of the first 9-week cycle for this year. This week represents that what you began 8 weeks ago is coming to fruition this week. Some things may have completed themselves and some may have not, or they have simply ended.   Just know that life is a work in progress. When things end and it is something you do not wish to end or have any regret about, it is because it is no longer useful for the progression of your soul or your higher self. If things are progressing, then you are following your Dharmic path and everything is in accordance with as it should be.

Think back to what you started back on the first week of this year during week 1. What was the intention you set out to accomplish or create? What were your goals? If you reflect on what you set out to accomplish back on the first week of January, then you will have some clue as to what your intentions were.

The good news is that Mercury goes out of retrograde in just a few more days and communication issues will once again be restored. The past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster but as the Moon leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn today, we have an earth element that will ground us more than we have had recently. All emotions especially as they relate to relationships should improve beginning today. Capricorn is symbolic of steadily climbing and reaching goals, so this bodes well in the 9th week where endings and completions are represented.

Stay balanced and grounded and know that as you evolve this week, you are transitioning out of one phase into another next week. So if you don’t like the flavor of this cycle, you have a chance to start over in the next 9-week cycle beginning on March 3rd. But it’s important to keep the flow going each week. Work toward 1 new goal each week.

Until next week,

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Kathleen Lamoureux, The Numerology Coach

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